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HEALTH DENTAL Bleaching Trays Were Developed At The End Of The 1980s And Continue

Bleaching Trays Were Developed At The End Of The 1980s And Continue

By: Mubashir Ali | Dec 6 2010 | 547 words | 1162 hits

Achieving a whiter, brighter smile is now more desirable than ever before, but with some professional teeth whitening treatments costing as much as 750, many people are turning to at-home over the counter kits in order to achieve a lightening and polishing effect
There is an array of products to choose from, ranging from toothpastes which claim to have a teeth whitening effect over time, to bleaching trays. DIY teeth whitening Manchester kits are doubtless more desirable now than ever due to the need for less expensive methods of cosmetic improvement.
Despite this, the BACD or the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has issued a warning, saying that many at-home teeth whitening Manchester products can fail to produce effective results, even causing permanent damage to teeth. This article explains a number of different laser teeth whitening products and evaluates their effectiveness and safety of use.
Whitening toothpastes are perhaps the most commonly used forms of teeth whitening treatment. Most treatments suggest that you use the paste in place of your normal toothpaste as a way of eliminating stains from the teeth caused by tobacco and staining food and drinks such as coffee and red wine. Most whitening toothpastes will also provide you with a whiteness chart for you to monitor your progress. As far as effectiveness goes, most of these products do not contain any actual bleaching or whitening products. In fact many of them contain polishers in the form of pumice, which was originally used by the ancient Egyptians to give a cleaner appearance to teeth. Dental practitioners only tend to use pumice on occasion as it is very abrasive. Over enthusiastic brushing could cause receding gums, even if used for the requisite four or five times as recommended on the box. Other ingredients used whitening toothpastes include baking soda. This is an old remedy which commonly features in household recipes for removing stains from teeth. There is evidence to show that this ingredient can help to remove stains from teeth, but the label teeth whitening is perhaps a little deceptive, as there are no actual bleaching or whitening ingredients in the toothpaste. It is however less abrasive than those toothpastes containing polishers such as pumice, and a good standby for keeping tooth discolouration at a minimum.
Some at-home kits mimic professional treatments. Bleaching trays were developed at the end of the 1980s and continue to be used today. The kits include a whitening gel, which is applied to a bleaching tray which is designed to fit over the users teeth. The trays are then kept in for around half an hour to an hour for the gel to take effect. The strength of hydrogen peroxide in the product is on a par with some of the bleaching products in use by dental practitioners, which suggests that this works, however as these are not custom fitted trays, there is the risk of the bleaching gel leaking out onto gums and into the mouth. However, there are custom tray kits available on the market where the user can make a mould of their own teeth; however care must be taken to ensure it is accurate.
Finally, sonic electric toothbrushes are considered perhaps the most effective method of returning teeth to their original colour while improving the overall health of both gums and teeth.

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