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HEALTH DENTAL Dentist Park Avenue-Known For His Expertise!!!

Dentist Park Avenue-Known For His Expertise!!!

By: Mr. Alex | Nov 7 2013 | 443 words | 2639 hits

Everybody suffers from some or the other kind of dental disease or ailment in their life time. Some have multiple tooth and gum problems and may have to visit the dentist many times. The dentist is there to help take care of your teeth and gums and overall oral health. Healthy teeth and gums are necessary to maintain good health. All the food that we eat is first processed by the teeth and so healthy and firm teeth are necessary for gnashing, grinding and chewing food so that it can further be digested by the digestive system of the body. Diseased teeth lose their efficiency to grind food and the efficacy of food digestion is compromised. Thus, in older adults when the teeth are lost the overall health is compromised. The nutrition from the food cannot be absorbed due to incomplete processing of the food by the teeth and the inability to eat fibrous food to compromised dental health.

It is thus, imperative that the teeth and gum health be maintained from the very early years so that they last a lifetime. Regular dental check ups help in monitoring the tooth health and detecting problems in its incipient stages so that an early intervention may be performed and the problem be treated at the earliest. Dental monitoring should start as early as 1 year of age when the infant suckles. The teeth need to be guided to erupt in their right place from the very beginning and this prevents malocclusion and development of crooked teeth in the later stages of life. The doctor advices pacifiers that helps in the tooth development. Good quality milk teeth should erupt so that later on good permanent teeth may develop.

The dentist take care your teeth and gum health and helps you maintain them well. Regular cleaning and polishing is done and also proper brushing and oral health maintenance techniques are taught. The teeth are also monitored for dental caries. In children flourides may be applied to prevent the incidence of caries. The flourides prevent the demineralization of teeth and stop the acid attack by bacteria. If cavities develop they are filled with biocompatible aesthetic materials that mimic the tooth structure in form and function. For caries that have progressed to the dental pulp root canal treatment should be done.

The crooked teeth may be corrected and be properly aligned. All kinds of maintenance procedures are also taught by the dentist.

Dentist upper east side, dentist park ave are there to take care of teeth and gums of your family and friends. We are there to help you treat all types of problems. Visit our center for more information and check-up.


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