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HEALTH DENTAL Gum Disease, Take an Early Notice

Gum Disease, Take an Early Notice

By: Angela Rogers | Sep 14 2008 | 496 words | 2179 hits


Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease. There are many reported cases in which the patients have lost tooth because of gum disease. Just like any disease, the gum disease can be treated best when diagnosed early. You must know the warning signs of gum disease so you can report it as early as possible to your dentist.

These warning signs include bleeding gums, swollen gums, expression of pus when the gums are pressed, increase in the gap between your tooth and the gum, bad breath, difference in the strength of the bite, loosening of tooth. It is important to note here as to what causes the gum disease. The major cause of gum disease occurs because of plaque. The plaque lies between the gum line and the tooth.

It then combines with the sugary substances on which the bacteria act to produce acid and toxins. This then acts on the tooth and the gum resulting in the breakdown of the gum tissue. Brushing the teeth along with flossing is truly important in preventing gum disease because brushing alone is not sufficient to remove the food residue that gets stuck between the gums and teeth.

You can also use fluoride toothpaste as it helps prevent decay. Mouth rinse is also a very good option to help remove bacteria, which prevents tooth as well as gum infection. Some of you might not pay due attention to the periodontal disease or gum disease. The periodontal disease is an irreversible disease process. In this disease, the support of teeth is lost, which results in the tooth to become loose and finally fall out.

Did you know that gum disease is also directly linked to heart attacks and it is also linked with the increased blood glucose levels. Another research suggests that the gum disease is also linked to premature birth. All these facts are the result of periodontitis and have very serious health impact on individuals who do not take proper dental hygiene measures.

There is also a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. This occurs due to hormonal changes and has a strong impact on eating habits. In this condition, the gums are red, swollen and extremely tender and on brushing, the gums bleed. This condition occurs in about 50% of women who are going through pregnancy. This is also a situation that requires serious attention.

You might have heard of a very serious infectious condition known as Trench Mouth. It is a very painful gum infection. This infection occurs due to poor dental and oral hygiene. Other causes of this infection are lack of sleep, smoking, increased stress. The name Trench Mouth was given to this condition when the soldiers in trenches suffered from severe gum infections, which resulted in necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis.

The only way that you can safeguard yourself from severe gum infections is taking proper care of oral and dental hygiene. Therefore the message goes out to all including adults and children to take proper care of your oral and dental hygiene.

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