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HEALTH DENTAL How to Care For Your Teeth with Gresham Braces On

How to Care For Your Teeth with Gresham Braces On

By: john mortin | Aug 14 2013 | 386 words | 482 hits

Use of braces can enhance the quality of your smile and bring radiance to your face. Dentists use them for connecting lingering teeth issues that undermine the facial beauty. While one cannot deny the benefits associated with these dental corrective aids, these remain in place for a long stretch. During this time, it is necessary to care for your teeth properly to ensure Gresham braces do their work well.

Damage Prevention

Both your teeth, as well as the braces themselves, are prone to damage when subjected to undue pressure. To avoid such issues and unnecessary complications watch what you eat! For example, hard nuts, carrots, and even candies can force your teeth to put pressure on the braces and place preventable tension. This also may lead to bent wires or damaged brackets. Also, try to avoid blows to the face, especially if you are into contact sports. After all, you do not want to compromise with the beauty or the health of your teeth, and not to mention footing the extra bills for correction.

Avoid Certain Foods

A few food varieties should be avoided when you are wearing braces to prevent damage or working against what these corrective aids are trying to do. Remember these foreign elements would remain present in your mouth, despite vigorously brushing your teeth. Eatables that leave crumbs or residues can lead to the formation of cavities, which you would wish to avoid. Thus, try to stay away from the citrus fruits, which are acidic in nature, like apples, barbecue sauce, muesli, pickles, cherries, tomatoes, and salsa. Soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juices are other things to avoid.

Proper and Thorough Oral Hygiene

There is simply no alternative to keeping your teeth clean to ensure that the work of braces is not hampered in any way, and your teeth remain healthy in the process. Your dentist will explain how to follow a proper dental hygiene during this phase. It is essential that you should abide by your doctor’s suggestions. Teeth should be cleaned at least twice, daily. Ideally, you should use the brush after every meal or snack to keep at bay the lingering food particles. Toothpaste containing the right amounts of fluoride and a soft brush is ideal. For elastic fitted braces, simply remove them during the dental cleaning regimen. You can put them back, later.


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