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HEALTH DENTAL Important Dental Care Tips From a Dentist

Important Dental Care Tips From a Dentist

By: Anna Woodward | May 24 2010 | 425 words | 1505 hits

Regular visits to the dentist can keep your teeth, mouth and gums healthy. Some people think that dental work is somewhat of a luxury and that it can be put off. This is an incorrect assumption. A well cared for mouth is a crucial part of whole body wellness. Here are some tips that your dentist would like you to take heed of:

There are many factors which contribute to oral well being. The types of foods a person eats, illnesses and medications all have an impact. If a patient has had changes in their health status or prescribed medicines, their dentist needs to be informed as all of these details affect dental outcomes.

Fluoride should be a part of every person's daily oral regimen. Fluoride comes in toothpaste, tablets, mouthwash and even in some community's drinking water. Fluoride makes developing teeth stronger and prevents cavities in adults and children.

A nutritious diet which is low in sugar helps to protect the teeth. Sugary foods are the ones that most often contribute to tooth decay. Starches and sweets break down into an acidic wash that erodes tooth enamel. If a person chooses to eat sweet snacks, they must remember to brush afterward.

Brush and floss at least two times a day. Every time food is eaten, some of it gets stuck between the pearly whites. With the passage of time, these morsels decay into cavities, gum disease, and can also lead to bad breath. Being a regular brusher and flosser will greatly reduce each of these problems.

Tobacco is any form is terrible for gums, tongue and the inner lining of the mouth. Smoking or chewing it causes stains and cancer. Smoking cigarettes has been shown to reduce the immune response of the human body. Oral health and the condition of the entire body will decline with the prolonged use of tobacco products.

Monitor your own mouth between dental visits. Take note of any lumps, bumps, chips or unusual changes and bring them to the attention of your dentist. Some deadly diseases first show up in the mouth, such as oral cancer or HIV. Diabetes sufferers have a higher incidence of gum disease.

Follow these tips and visit the dentist annually or every six months in order to keep teeth, mouth and gums in optimum condition. In certain circumstances, visits may need to be spaced closer in order to monitor special concerns. When a person takes good care of their oral health, they will be more likely to keep their teeth for life and thus be able to smile well into old age.

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