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HEALTH DENTAL Reno Cosmetic Dentist The Basics on Wearing Braces

Reno Cosmetic Dentist The Basics on Wearing Braces

By: Joan Aubrey E Fulton | Aug 29 2010 | 496 words | 1493 hits

Many people wonder how long they will have to wear braces if they are an eligible candidate for this method of correcting the teeth. Much of this will be contingent upon an individual basis, including the seriousness of issues with the teeth. This also rests on upon how much space is in the mouth, how far part the teeth must be moved, and the overall health of the gums and teeth in the mouth. The patient will also be obligated to heed instructions for the overall success of the protocol, but braces will usually remain on for one to three years. After the braces have been taken off entirely, many patients will choose to wear a retainer for the initial six months, and then they can diminish this time to use the retainer only during sleeping.

When you have braces put on, you will be encouraged to see your orthodontist on a once-a-month basis to make sure that the braces are applying enough compression to alter the teeth. In some cases, the orthodontist may have to make alterations to the springs, rubber bands, or wires to generate further pressure and tightness on the teeth for improvement. In specific cases, braces will not be enough to shift the jaw or straighten the teeth, so an external appliance, like headgear, may need to be worn in the night to further fix the problem.

Some of the alterations made by the orthodontist to work the braces correctly can cause tenderness or discomfort in the mouth. In these conditions, the orthodontist may endorse for you to apply over-the-counter numbing gels or pain relief products to deliver instant relief to these problems. In extreme cases, you may experience more pain if your braces have just been tightened, so make sure to communicate with your orthodontist about what you can do to maximize your comfort level.

Braces can be used over the years to see the greatest benefits in fixing problems in the teeth. These orthodontic methods will offer results to adults and children who hope to change the appearance of their teeth. There is a difference between adult and child treatments when it comes to braces because adults may require more strenuous corrections to fix the teeth in adulthood. The treatments may also take more time for other adult because the bones in the mouth will no longer be changing and forming.

If you are a child or adult requiring braces, make sure to communicate with your orthodontist in detail about what type of methods are available to you. Often times, many adults preferred the use of clear braces because they are less visible and natural, so they provide a quick alternative to correct the teeth in an effective treatment. If you have gapped or spaced teeth, you don't have to worry about these issues or continue to be uncomfortable any longer. Braces provide a quick method to fix many of these long-term problems so that you can have a smile that you are happy with.

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