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HEALTH DENTAL Teeth Whitening - How one can be benefited

Teeth Whitening - How one can be benefited

By: rickey | Oct 19 2010 | 415 words | 1036 hits

Several teeth whitening methods are available now for some years but recently it has been considered as the top most cosmetic treatment. People, who wish to adopt any of teeth whitening procedure, usually ask two questions. The first question is about the cost of teeth whitening procedure which vary according to the individual case and second question, which is in fact, is more concerning is about any side effect or any possible damage to teeth in result of teeth whitening procedure. There are also good numbers of people who opt to take any one or more teeth whitening option without taking notice of side effects.
Mainly there are two types of teeth whitening treatments which are popular these days; laser teeth whitening and power bleaching treatments. Depending on the number of teeth to be whitened, each of above procedure may take from one to two hours. The word bleaching as obvious refers to a chemical material which whitens thing beyond its natural color same goes in dental case. In other words one may define it as a chemical used to restore original color while removing debris or dirt. That's why whitening sounds better than bleaching.
Teeth are an amazing creation of the nature. If you at the teeth of a kid, you will notice a porcelain-like enamel surface. Composition of teeth is simple they consist of crystalline rods covered with enamel which protects teeth from gnashing, chewing plus various other acidic attack of artificial sweetening and of sugar. It's obvious food first intact with teeth directly attacking enamel. Think that in usual chewing, dentin stay integral while numerous micro-cracks take place in the enamel and at last teeth sooner or later develop a lackluster and dull look.
The popular method of whitening is by visiting a dentist and let him do the whitening procedure. In this type of method significant color change in a short period of time is possible.  teeth whitening A dentist first lays the gums in fortification of paint-on rubber barrier then cautiously puts on high-concentration peroxide gel on the teeth. Teeth stay in peroxide for about 15-20 minutes intervals according to the condition of the teeth.   
Another popular option for teeth whitening is by using take-home whitening kits. Take-home whitening kits are popular because of their ease of use. Usually peroxide gel found in take-home kits are of low concentration and is considered safe even by the dentists. You can apply this type of lower-concentration peroxide gel on your teeth for an hour or longer.

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