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HEALTH DENTAL The Easy Way To Whiter Teeth

The Easy Way To Whiter Teeth

By: Tiffany Windhurst | Oct 26 2010 | 459 words | 2068 hits

Everybody wants a vivid white smile and clean looking teeth. Things like coffee, tea and cigarette smoking can dull and discolour your teeth.

Teeth whitening has become more affordable and easier to access than ever before. You can have your teeth cleaned and bleached professionally by dentists or at dental clinics. Professional teeth whitening usually involves covering the teeth with a bleaching solution and then applying the teeth to photo or UV lighting to increase the effects of the bleaching formula.

Depending on the current condition of your teeth, the number of applications needed to whiten your smile could be as little as one, or you may require additional treatments. Having your teeth professionally whitened is the quickest and most effective way to brighten your smile, however, it's also quite costly.

Fortunately, there are a number of teeth whitening products available to consumers to brighten their teeth from home, at a fraction of the price of a dental visit. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening doesn't have the instant and dramatic results you would see at the dental office, however, it's quite effective over time.

The most popular at home teeth whitening solutions are whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips. Toothpastes are the easiest to use, since it's simply a matter of switching the brand you are using. Most teeth whitening toothpastes contain fluoride and traditional cleaning agents you normally get in toothpaste, with the added bonus of a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide. Every time you brush, you remove a little discolouration from your teeth. Safe and simple, toothpastes are effective, but it takes a few weeks to really see a difference.

Teeth whitening strips are more costly than a tube of toothpaste, however, you will see results in a few days.

While the strips don't include any cleaning formulation or cavity fighting protection, they have a higher concentration of the whitening ingredients. Strips are applied to your teeth at least once a day, and generally left on for twenty to thirty minutes. This targets the whitening solution, effectively soaking your teeth for the duration you wear the strips. Be sure to properly rinse out after use, and avoid eating or drinking for at least thirty minutes after use.

Finally, the classic home remedy for teeth whitening is still effective. For decades, consumers have been making a paste of baking soda and peroxide to polish their smile. While this formula isn't as strong as that which is in the whitening strips, it's still quite effective over time. Apply the homemade paste to your teeth with a cotton swab, and let sit for about twenty minutes. Rinse well, and avoid eating or drinking for thirty minutes afterwards.

Whether you visit a dentist, or whiten your teeth at home, there's a teeth whitening solution that will give you a pearly, fresh smile.

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