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HEALTH DENTAL Treatment With iBraces

Treatment With iBraces

By: Trudy Bonvino | Mar 29 2010 | 283 words | 1500 hits

iBraces can help you achieve a great smile. iBraces are available at orthodontics offices.

iBraces are lingual braces- those affixed to the back of the teeth instead of on the visible surfaces- that are custom-made to meet the needs of individual patients. The braces feature a sleek, individualized design that promotes comfort, performance and fit. iBraces also can shave months off of a patient's treatment time.

How? It's all in the robotics. To understand that part, it's important to look at the entire process.

The Process
Getting iBraces starts with a consultation to determine if the patient is a good candidate for this treatment method.

The good news is that iBraces are ideal for just about anyone.
They can be used on adults and children alike. As a rule of thumb, patients who are good candidates for traditional braces tend to be good candidates for iBraces, too.

Orthodontists take an impression of the patient's teeth, which then is scanned by a computer and used to create a 3-D model of the teeth.

That model is used by a lab technician to create customized brackets and specialized archwires that are bent by a robot to specifically address each individual patient's needs. Using the robot to bend the archwires enables them to be bent in an ideal fashion that promotes speedier movement of the teeth.

Once this process is complete, the appliances are shipped back to the orthodontist for placement on the patient. This process typically takes about six weeks. Putting the actual braces on the patient takes less than one hour.

iBraces are the only completely-customized invisible fixed braces available on the market today..

These braces have been a great addition to the practice. Every patient who has been treated with them has enjoyed the results.

About author:
If you would like to learn more about iBraces or Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, please call (952) 469-3333 to schedule a free consultation with St. Paul Orthodontist Dr. Bonvino. Cosmopolitan Orthodontics is located at 17757 Juniper Path in Lakeville.
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    Treatment With iBraces