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HEALTH DENTAL White Teeth Are Not Always Healthy Teeth

White Teeth Are Not Always Healthy Teeth

By: Jim DeSantis | Dec 12 2010 | 688 words | 1440 hits

It is true that a bright white smile is a good indicator of healthy teeth. It is also true that dull or yellowish are signs of health problems or, at the least, a sign that the person has poor health habits. Such a person often has bad breath as well. That said, people who have their teeth artificially whitened may mask health issues or poor dental hygiene.  

There is an old axiom that says if you paint a junk car you still have a junk car. Or, like the 65 year old guy who colors his hair jet black to look younger. Get my meaning? Well, teeth whitening can be just like that. Your teeth can look great but look like you bought them from someone else!

This is because, with today's advancements in teeth whitening procedures and products, there is the risk of it working so well that your new brighter teeth look downright phony. Your friends may joke that when you smile they need to put on their sunglasses! They may start calling you Mr. or Ms. Hollywood! They may ask you to smile with the room lights off so they can read a book. I know, these are comical examples. The point is that you should be cautious when starting any teeth whitening method.

I will tell you that simple baking powder, when mixed and applied correctly, is a pretty effective teeth whitening method. It's a gradual whitening method that you can stop at any time and requires minimal maintenance. More about that in a moment.

Think about this - when your dentist makes a cap he usually matches the replacement to the color of any remaining teeth or matches the denture to your skin tone so it looks natural. Some people just look artificial when their new teeth, or whitened teeth, are too bright for their skin tone.

Advertising has made teeth whitening seem like an enhancement that we must have if we want to look our best. While you may agree, you need to know that there are cases where it cannot be used under any circumstances.

For example, any reputable dentist will not use teeth whitening chemicals on a 16 year old (or younger) or on a pregnant patient or on a new mother who breastfeeds. To do so is to risk severe negative side effects.

For early teens, their dental nerve system is still developing rapidly and is highly vulnerable. Any chemicals will antagonize nerve endings and could result in a lifelong problem with sensitive teeth. Parents need to be aware of this and not allow young teens to use even over-the-counter whitening kits. Teeth whitening toothpaste can be used as the ingredients are mild and have no negative side effects when used as directed.

Pregnant women and new mothers who breastfeed should definitely avoid teeth whitening agents. The danger is not to the mother, it is to the baby. Chemicals are absorbed by the mother and will be passed to an unborn child in the placenta. In the same way, mothers who breastfeed will pass those chemicals to the newborn during feeding. In either case, permanent damage to the child can result. As for over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and even some toothpastes with whiteners, moms should avoid those as well just to be on the safe side.  

For the rest of us, there is always the possibility of chemical side effects such as gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. These are side effects that you should discuss with your dentist before attempting any teeth whitening procedure or using a kit purchased at a drug store or any of a number of sources available to consumers today.

In addition to possible negative side effects, a final factor to be considered is that any teeth whitening treatments are not going to be a one time thing that is going to last. Even a treatment administered by a dentist will begin to fade somewhat within a week or two after treatment. This fading is even more pronounced with store bought treatments. So, be mindful that your brighter smile is only temporary, must be maintained, and it can get expensive over the long term.

About author:
So, what about using baking powder as a teeth whitener? See a 2 minute video about how to use baking power for a brighter smile at the >Brighter Teeth Blog< where you will also find articles about other natural >Teeth Whitening Solutions
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