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HEALTH DISEASES-AND-CONDITIONS Brain Tumor Surgery in India - Thank God, Our Docs Have All the Expertise

Brain Tumor Surgery in India - Thank God, Our Docs Have All the Expertise

By: Rohan Sinha | Sep 23 2011 | 412 words | 2986 hits

No one except the sufferer knows how it feels when one comes to know that he/she has Brain Tumor. It must be like as if the whole world of the person has been shattered by a stone. Pain that only the sufferer can feel and tell! Once considered as a deadly disease, today our docs have their guns in place to save lives. Brain Tumor Surgery India comes as a BIG HOPE for those hit by Brain Tumor.

Brain Tumor is a tumor (an abnormal growth of cells) within the brain or the central spinal canal. And, for the matter of fact, any tumor can prove life threatening. These tumors are created by an abnormal cell division. And, it may spread to other body parts as well. Well, to be very honest, Brain Tumor is certainly not a good thing to have. Thankfully, we have our docs with us who are equipped with the latest Medical Science improvements and tools to kill Tumors and save lives effectively.

Brain Tumor Surgery India, Radiation Therapy, and Chemotherapy are the main treatments for helping the patients get rid of Brain Tumors. So, there are treatments available.

Let’s Talk about Brain Tumor Surgery India

The patient is put under general anesthesia. Docs open the skull with a surgery, called Craniotomy. The scalp is shaved. Then, an incision is made in the scalp and a piece of bone is removed from the skull to access the brain. Once docs remove a part or the entire tumor, they again cover the skull with that piece of bone (which they earlier removed to access the brain). Once they do this, the incision is closed. It is to be noted that docs may use a piece of metal or fabric as well for covering the opening in the skull.

In Radiation Therapy, docs use high-energy rays to kill Tumor Cells. X-rays, Gamma rays, or Protons are used for the purpose.

In Chemotherapy, docs use drugs for killing cancer cells in the patients’ bodies.

Thank God, our docs have all the expertise to fight the disease. So, one really needs not to worry. Search online about the hospitals that provide Brain Tumor Surgery India treatments. Take your time and choose a well-reputed hospital. Patients should also consult the doc about the Pros and Cons of this surgery before saying yes for the treatment. Even after the surgery, there will be a number of precautions that you need to follow. Proper rest is also good for a speedy recovery.

About author:
At Max Healthcare, we are committed to recuperating our patients as soon as possible. We firmly believe in delivering quality care, support, and re-assurance to our patients. Visit us if it is about Brain Tumor Surgery India.
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