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Respiratory Diseases Q&A

By: diseasesfaq | Jan 25 2010 | 1704 words | 939 hits

A paramedics response to asthma?
I was wondering if you called a paramedic for an asthma attack what would they do? When do they decide if you want to be intubated versus just oxygen and even if you need oxygen. What if you pass out after they arrive will within course of action change. I am just interested surrounded by medicine...

A pic dash cause a blood infection?
a pic line caused a blood infection in my 26 yr. matured daughter. What does she need done. The hospital seems more confussed than me. The hospital was going to transport out the pic line with no specialist in the waiting room. My daughter not here. They told her to...

A Pulse Oximeter Question?
A Pulse Oximeter Question? Thanks... - Reports have been received of tissue necrosis or blistering associated with the use of pulse oximeter probes. The cause are usually prolonged application of pulse oximeter probes and/or the use of tape to hold probes in place. In the NICU we change according to weightiness, the smaller the...

A put somebody through the mill around asthma?
If you get tested for asthma once when you were younger since your mom/grandma/great grandma all hold it, and the test came back cynical, does that mean your safe from ever getting asthma? - No, unfortunately you aren't not dangerous from getting it. I was born with asthma, but my son wasn't.

A put somebody through the mill going on for hypothyroid...?
Are there any women under the age of 30 that have hypothyroid.I know the merely way to know for sure is to be tested...but im interested in some of the symptoms you have mom, aunt, and grandmother adjectives have it..and it is easily treated with getting tested soon..freshly wanted...

A put somebody through the mill more or less asthma?
i have this constant tightness in my chest all afternoon long day i quality this pressure in the middle of my chest do you if you have asthma? i have tryed a inhaler it doesnt do anything never smoked never even tryed it - at hand are all different inhalers...

ok, i would really like to hear from some medical ppl...but if you know what this may be.. plz answer or post links or anything that may help! ok i am 10..( plz no discrimintaion) and yesterday morning, my right ear was clogged. ( it feel plugged and ya...

A report roughly speaking the functions of these two hormones thyroxine and adrenalin.-?
The name, location and structure of the endocrine gland that secretes them. cal problems and treatments associated with these hormones - good question so embezzle this good answer... Thyroid gland is located Thyroid Gland in the forefront of the neck, and take windpipe (trachea) ...

A Request to adjectives Scientist/doctors/Medical?
Bonjour to one and all. Happy Demon, and Evil Monkey have come to realize that if we leave the swine flu to merely govt officials. it will have catastrophic results. We all find that the Government is incapable of containing and treating the virus on their own. Our request is to Post in...

A right lower lobe pneumonia, dense consolidation and a costophrenic pleural hypersensitivity. What does this anticipate?
Pneumonia is an inflammatory illness of the lung with inflammation and abnormal alveolar (air sacs) innards with fluid. olidation usually means a collection of fluid, puss or phlegm. A …pleural reaction¯ is either an inflammation of the pleura or an...

A serious put somebody through the mill something like mold?
We live in the south where it can get extremely hot (Florida). So how is it that mold is forming inside our closets & in some other places? The mold seems to attack my leather shoes the most..and some areas of the carpeting underneath things (night tables.etc) suggestion on how...

A small lump on windpipe?
i have a small lump the size of a match head smack shot centre on my windpipe,i can only describe it to looking like a wort,its be there bout 4 weeks and its begining to annoy me and think its got somewhat not one for going the a 41 male none smoker and average...

A steroid inhaler ever instantly help out your asthma symptom?
does inhaling steroid ever helped with your asthma instantly like inside 30 min - nope -it's a maintenance inhaler. your rescue inhaler or nebulizer should provide more instant nouns. if not, call 911. follow up with your pulmonologist. - A steroid inhaler is different from a rescue...

A strange expierence?
for no apparent reason my bed was shaking and feel extremely cold it really frightened me - You had a supernatural experience. Spirits often cause sudden chills and convulsion like feelings to people who's attention they craving to have. It will not hurt you. Source(s): doesn't sound similar to a respiratory problem...I know that...

Abnormalities that transpire contained by the respiratory system?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ma Chronic Bronchitis Pulmonary Emphysema Cystic Fibrosis monia Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary Sarcoidosis Cancer Flail chest Pneumothorax Common cold Flu Whooping cough Emphysema Asthma Lung...

About Asthma, and shortness of breath?
I was diagnosed as asthmatic at age 4. My asthma is triggered by vigorous excercising, allergies and illness. I would unequivocally go back to the doctor, or get checked out if you haven't all the same. I'm not sure that you have asthma since you're only experiencing these symptoms while...

About BIPAP M Series?
I've been using BIPAP for my sleep apnea to help me breathe at nights. I finally gotten used to wearing the masquerade but the problem is, during the middle of the night it starts to spray water in my obverse. I have the level set to 3. How do you stop this from happening?...

About Cystic fibrosis?
Hey, my girlfriend has Cystic fibrosis and she's doing pretty great, I try and keep us very involved. But I'm always worried things can take a turn for the worse.. How close are scientists from finding a cure? How old be the eldest survivor? - Saying that there will never be a cure just because it's a...

About quitting smoking...?
I quit smoking the 3-31-09. That would seem to be cause for celebration in most circles. However, I am NOT HAPPY at ALL immediately. I am Angry or Depressed ALL THE TIME NOW. Not like some of the time... or when I am bored of whatever, I mean I am ANGRY resembling 15 HOURS of EVERYDAY. I CRY...

Absolutely gag for a cigerette.. But I hold a chest infection.?
Will 1 hurt?? - Give you something to cough up! lol and you never know the smoke might kill the infection - You've probably get a chest infection from smoking, so it would be stupid to have a cigarette. Keep smoking and in years to come, you'll probably...

Aches and pains within lung and what seem galbladder?
if i breathe up too much i would suddenly feel an ache on my right side upper chest and then sometimes shooting agony probably where my right lung is.. but this only started happening when i stopped smoking. when i breathe up i also return with a sharp shooting pain just below...

Acid attack problems?!?
My mums currently having a bad acid attack and every tablet she take, she just throws up again. She usually takes Gaviscon and Anti acid tablets but they're broken. Is there any other tablets that will help or home remedies? - Before and still from time to time I get that, it's call Acid Reflux as far...

Acid reflux..or something else?
this morning i was laying down shortly after eating french toast... and adjectives of a sudden started feeling nausea and my mouth started filling up with saliva, i leaned over the toliet and spit be just pouring from my mouth, then i vommitted.. i scheduled a doc. appt but its a month a road so im kinda...

Acting goofy after frenzy attack?
is it normal to have a panic attack and irregular heartbeat and discern goofy adn wierd after. why am i feeling like this? is this normal after nouns attacks - I don't know if its normal, but if you have a madness attack, would probably release adrenaline and other hormones to cope. After you...

Addicted to second appendage smoke?
I have quit smoking 6 months ago. I am very proud of myself. But, one month ago, my father has come to live beside us and he smokes. I find myself craving cigarettes very badly, just close to if I just quit. Is it possible that the nicotine from his smoking is waking up my old...

Addicted to smoking? warning?
im not a bad smoker. nt buy them, but i dont muse im too addicted, but i want one right now!! and if my boyfriend found out that i smoke [again] it will be over.. help a bit beside cravings as it gives you something to focus on. Smoking quitting aids (gum, patches) are...

Adnoids...when to procure them removed?
My son seems to have trouble breathing from his nose, He's be to the Dr before and was put on nose spray to shrink them. Anyone have trouble with adenoids, have them removed? Need some opinions on getting them removed. - They entail to be removed when there are reoccurring infections in a short time...

Adult beginning asthma-Meds, Anxiety or allergies?
I am told at 42 I have asthma. Trying to find out if related to anxiety, medications or much rainfall in the NE. Always had seasonal allerigies, but not severe enough to even help yourself to meds regularly. Took the medication atenolol to lower heart beats per min. Pharmacist said this med can cause or...

Adult cardiologist facts?
could you please supply me with at least 3 adult cardiologist facts? thankyou! - What is a Cardiologist? rdiologist is a doctor near special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. What is an F.A.C.C.? The strongest evidence of achievement for those who earn the F.A.C.C insignia...

Adult: I have my tonsils, adenoids and uvula removed 4+ weeks ago, still within agony.?
I have done some searching and I am aware that getting your tonsils removed is very much more bloody in adults. When I woke from surgery the doc told me he took my uvula out too (this was not discussed beforehand). After almost 5...

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    Respiratory Diseases Q&A

  • Respiratory Diseases Q&a
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