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HEALTH DISEASES-AND-CONDITIONS Swine Flu - Prevention, Precautions, and Protection - Part One

Swine Flu - Prevention, Precautions, and Protection - Part One

By: Hollis Holloway | Apr 3 2010 | 467 words | 974 hits

H1N1 or SWINE FLU. The Center of Disease Control raise the flu pandemic level to 6, we are now technically in the path of the flu virus(Swine Flu). Obviously, with the one death of a child in Texas, parents want and need to know what precautions and protection action to take to safeguard their love ones.

The C.D.C have issued a report on the number of cases(109) in the US. Now this viral attack may be new to some, but do you remember the H5N1, avian bird flu, it to is a virus. Many wonder, what can I do to prepare myself and that of my love ones?

Viruses, replicate themselves by infecting a host cell. Antibiotics cannot be used to treat viruses. Viruses are treated with antiviral medications(vaccines). However, vaccines are not available for all viruses-- for example, there is currently no vaccine for the virus that causes AIDS.

So to give your body a fighting chance. Here are some recommended suggestions from the C.D.C and other health organizations.

Wash Your Hands. Washing your hands will decrease your chances of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or to other people. Try using a chemical-free soap that will serve the same purpose as anti-bacterial soap that has chemical. Chemicals that penetrates the skin can cause other problems.

Avoid Sugars And Processed Foods. Sugar is known to decreases the function of your immune system and as you know a strong immune system is the key in fighting off viruses and other health challenges.

Get Plenty Of Rest. If your body is overworked and overly fatigued it will be more difficult and harder to fight the flu. There are a few natural products on the market that will help you sleep better.

Try To Minimize Stress. WHAT!!! I know how difficult that can be, however if stress becomes overwhelming it can affect the body's immune system thus weakening it's defense. Here again, there are some high quality natural products on the market that works well. FYI, they are not addictive.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. This increases your circulation and your blood flow. When you have a good circulation your immune system is in a better position to identify threats to your health.

Eat As Healthy As Possible. Fruits and Vegetables should be a part of our regular diet. Since most of our foods have been stripped of the vital nutrients that we need, it is vital that we add a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement to our diet.

Thanks to the C.D.C and other health organizations for these helpful suggestions that will help families the world over to be better prepared to RIDE THIS PIGGYBACK OUT OF TOWN!

Part Two of this series will discuss Tamiflu the vaccine and it's defense against the H1N1 virus verses the Immune System most powerful protector... GLUTATHIONE and it's defense against the H1N1 virus.

About author:
Finding the right dietary supplement that will best serve the needs of our family is a serious choice. Making the right choice requires research, being educated and open for second and third opinions.
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    Precautions, and Protection

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