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HEALTH DISEASES-AND-CONDITIONS What is termed as Prader- Willi Syndrome?

What is termed as Prader- Willi Syndrome?

By: Fionn Flemming | Sep 3 2013 | 410 words | 447 hits

Prader- Willi Syndrome creates its harmful impact due to the abnormal mechanism that takes place due to chromosome 15. Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately one out of every 15,000 births. This type of disorder has been very rare that takes place mainly in specific types of genes which essentially impacts on the functioning of different systems located in the human body. The analyzers explain that this type of syndrome usually occurs due to the abrupt functioning of chromosome 15 & thus, as a consequence, it leads for the improper functioning of the hypothalamus, an important organ situated in the brain. This organ ‘hypothalamus' is responsible to carry out a variety of functions that are connected to the nervous as well as endocrine system.

It also helps to execute control on the hunger, thirst, temperature of the human body, behavioral manners & also works on the discharge of the hormones which help for the release of certain other aspects that are required for the effective development of the human body.

The manifestations from such disorder also involve lack of fundamental toning of the muscle (hypotonia), improper gain of weight of the body, lack of appetite during childhood. Later, during adulthood, the following symptoms are observed which include excess consumption of food which leads to obesity, improper development of hands & feet, insufficient amount of hormones etc. This disorder creates its impact on both men & women on equal basis. People who have been diagnosed with this ailment usually lose their lives & this happens due to the complications that take place due to obesity.

This type of disorder hardly creates its impact on the people & till date, least number of cases has been registered. An early diagnosis of this disorder would help to save the vitality of lives with the help of potential treatment measures & this also includes proper & qualitative healthy meals & carrying out physical activities on regular basis.


The therapies that are associated with the development of hormones have been proved to be essential for such type of disorders.

Prader- Willi Syndrome differs itself from another type of syndrome which also happens due to the inappropriate functioning of the chromosome 15 & this is termed as Angelman Syndrome. This is also a rare type of disorder that takes place in the neurological symptoms which is mainly featured with the help of the delayed developments of the parts of the human body & impaired learning.

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