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Does Ab Kind Pro Really Work?

By: John Davenport | Jan 10 2010 | 312 words | 1096 hits

Among the many ab fitness machines on the market a few stand out of the crown and become the topic of debate. The Ab King Pro is one of these machines.

Sold for about $150 and promoted by promises of sexy, flat abs, it is a popular fitness machine. The only question is: does the Ab King Pro Really Work?

Let's see what this device does and examine whether it can actually deliver the results it promises to.

What is the Ab King Pro?

The Ab King Pro is basically a bench with a circular handle attached to the end of it. The bench is divided into to 2 parts, the upper one, which supports your back and neck can be moved into an incline position. This allows you to do crunches while your back is supported. You grab the circular handle with both hands to make it more comfortable for you to do crunches.

The only question is: how does this beat traditional crunches, done on a mat?

The answer is that it doesn't. There is nothing about the AbKing Pro that suggests that it can provide you with a more effective abdominal workout.

For one thing, you can't do other exercises which you can't do on the floor. It's mostly the basic crunch and the abdominal crunch, perhaps.

For another, there is no added resistance of considerable intensity that would help you get a better workout than you would have otherwise. It's just not there.

Because it's so basic in its function and design, I hardly think of the AbKingPro as a fitness machine at all. It is merely a piece of equipment.

As with any abdominal exercises, it is not enough for you to lose belly fat. To do that you need to do full body workouts, intensive cardio, and to make sure you're eating a sensible and lead diet.

Click here to read the truth about the Ab King Pro

About author:
John Davenport is a healthy and fitness author. To see a killer video on how to get flat and sexy abs, go here:
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