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HEALTH FITNESS-EQUIPMENT Electric Cigarette Reviews: Learning E-Cigs Components

Electric Cigarette Reviews: Learning E-Cigs Components

By: Rubi ponting | Dec 18 2011 | 500 words | 1066 hits

A lot of smokers are already looking at alternative ways to get their nicotine fix without having to harm their body or develop life-threatening diseases out of excessive smoking. This is the reason why the proliferation of electric cigarettes and its increase in sales have escalated. Another indication that people are looking at safer substitute to tobacco smoking is that electric cigarettes are becoming a frequent topic in health forums and electric cigarette reviews. Aside from its health benefits, e-cigarettes are also trendy, hip and anyone you see using it in public looks undeniably cool and stylish. But how does an electric cigarette differ from traditional cigarette? Fore mostly, electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco so when you see someone using an electric cigarette in public with all the smoke coming out from his mouth and nostril, do not be wary about it because the smoke only contains water vapor and does not hold tobacco or any other harsh chemicals that could imperil your health or the health of the smoker.

If you would read electric cigarette reviews, you will know that electronic cigarettes are not included in the provisions of smoking ban because they do not affect your health, they do not pollute the air nor do they pass on second hand smoke. What Are Its Components Regardless of brand or manufacturer, electric cigarettes consist of three main components and they are the following:

• Atomizer. This is the main component which is responsible for activating the entire electronic cigarette system. Once the smoker draws air from the electric cigarette, the atomizer immediately heats up the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge and converts the liquid into gas which comes out from the smoker’s mouth as vapor or smoke.

• Battery. The battery powers the electric cigarette allowing it to create vapor and activate e-cig’s other components. Each battery is rechargeable and runs for 2 to 3 days depending on the frequency of use. Once you purchase an electric cigarette starter kit, you will get two batteries and a battery charger that fits to ordinary electrical and car power outlets. Most batteries are reliable but if you want to know the safest battery, you can refer to electric cigarette review.

• Liquid cartridge. The cartridge holds the liquid nicotine. It comes in a variety of flavors. There are fruit flavors, coffee, vanilla and many others but according to e cigarettes reviews, the most favored flavor of electric cigarettes are tobacco and menthol since they simulate the taste of real cigarettes without having to actually smoke traditional ones. When the vapor runs out, you can just replace the cartridge anytime. Cartridges are available in local super markets or online and each cartridge is equivalent to 15-30 cigarettes depending on the brand. With this number of cigarette equivalent, you can have it at $2 to $4 so you save a lot of money by using electric cigarettes instead of traditional sticks. Each starter kit contains 5 cartridges and these 5 cartridges surely go a long way.

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