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HEALTH FITNESS-EQUIPMENT Ping G20 Irons Alter the Result

Ping G20 Irons Alter the Result

By: yuky | Feb 10 2012 | 331 words | 996 hits


There is a good saying goes "Good beginning is half done". But if you did not perform a good beginning, how and what can you do? We have another saying "Better late never than never". So you can change the result with your clubs, here, introduce you a good helper- Ping G20 Irons.


Ping is built on a foundation of innovation and trust that continues to offer game-changing technology and the most extensive fitting process in golf. Golfers have been relying on PING for nearly 50 years to help lower their scores and bringing greater enjoyment to their games. Today, PING game-improvement products can be found in more than 70 countries. 


 The Ping G20 Iron Set is designed for overwhelming forgiveness and predictable distance control. The cavity's floating CTP structure balances the face and the aluminum badge with elastomer heel and toe sections makes a solid feel and sound. The CTP supports a 10% thinner face and controls distances while saving weight, which had been added to the back flange of the deeply cut, multi-cavity head to improve the of inertia. Mixed withthe new CFS steel shaft (control, feel and stability), the G20 maximizes feel and trajectories. Constant yardage gapping is a key advantage of the G20 set,includinghigh-launching long irons that take full advantage of the overall range and predictability of a player's set.


Distance Control
The cavity's floating CTP structure stabilizes a thin face to generate fast ball speeds and enhance distance control.

Optimized CG Position
Weight saved by thinning the face allowed Ping engineers to redistribute weight to the perimeter and the back flange, which positions the CG low and back to launch the ball higher and longer.

Thin Face
A multi-material cavity badge made with soft elastomer heel and toe sections improves feel and sound.



1.Thinner face

2.Stainless Steel Irons

3.Wider sole provides a higher launch angle

4.Strong lofts and a low center of gravity produce long shots with a high trajectory and maximum forgiveness


Such a good club you mustn't miss! discount golf clubs now offers you this fantastic club.

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