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HEALTH HAIR-LOSS Hair Care And Measures To Manage It

Hair Care And Measures To Manage It

By: Harry Kelly | Jun 28 2013 | 447 words | 1146 hits

Hair can be rather tricky to manage. It can be a tedious task to take care of it in the way it needs to. This happens particularly if it is very tangled and curly by nature or even otherwise after having taken a bath. As it can be easily lost, it can be easily taken care of also. Thus there are certain steps that need to be taken so as to make sure that these things do not happen and that they can be corrected before they become very grave and lead to various other kinds of problems. Simple nicks and tricks can do wonders in avoiding such problems such as loss of hair, discoloration and so on.

Simple measures:

• Oiling: It is a very important practice to oil your hair because it not only protects it but also helps you to maintain their structure, make the roots sturdy, and improve their texture by keeping them smooth.

• Combing: is the very first thing that needs to be taken into consideration. The brush is used by us every day in order to comb. Hence the kind or nature of the instrument must be taken into account. Ones that are too hard or are very rough in nature must not be used and they are better to be avoided. Similarly, the way or manner in which the person combs also matters and makes an impact on their well-being and condition.

• Shampoo - today a lot of shampoos in many different ranges are available in the market. Cleansers bearing fruit extracts and various kinds of lubricants are easily available without any difficulty. But the most important challenge is to choose one that suits your hair type

• Protect - nowadays it has become very highly relevant to ascertain that there is enough amount of shielding provided to your scalp. This is because, if such a cover is not given, it is possible that there might be weakening of the roots.

• Drying - not drying them properly is a large cause of weakening it. Also, similarly leaving it wet for a long time or allowing it to dry by itself without wiping can cause it to become loose and vulnerable at its roots or even in the centre.

• Domestic applicants - eggs, curd and milk are all considered healthy for this purpose. They not only strengthen the tresses but also give it a shine by giving a glossy coat. Using such home remedies once a week will ensure that it recovers from all the damage it has undergone through the rest of the days. This in turn will make it remain healthy for a longer duration of time than it would be otherwise.


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