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HEALTH HAIR-LOSS Hair Replacement: an Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Replacement: an Effective Hair Loss Treatment

By: Ricky | Jan 29 2009 | 541 words | 1004 hits

Hair replacement is growing popular as an effective method to combat hair loss and 90% of those who opted for it are more than satisfied with this permanent hair loss treatment.

In the hair replacement treatment, the surgeon arranges a detailed conversation with the client so as to know the reason of hair loss such as hormonal imbalance, aging factor, pregnancy, depression, genetic disorders, vitamin deficiency, poor blood circulation and dandruff. After assessing the duration and cause of hair loss, the surgeon then proceeds with a complete diagnosis of the hair scalp, in order to find out an effective hair replacement technique for the patient.

Hair replacement was earlier rare but now it is most in use method to fight the problem of hair loss and it is done by board-certified plastic surgeons having sound experience of more than thirty years in the field of hair replacement. Hair transplant includes removal of hair grafts from the donor's hair scalp and replacing them on the bald portion of the client. Hair replacement candidates must have healthy hair growth at the sides and back of the head so as to serve as hair donor areas. Factors such as hair texture, hair color, hair waviness and hair curliness also matters in hair replacement surgery. Some of the common techniques used in hair replacement surgery include mini grafts, punch grafts, strip grafts and slit grafts. Tissue expansion, flaps and scalp reduction are considered some of the most effective hair replacement procedures for dramatic hair replacement results.

The number of hair required for a single graft depends on the shape and size of the graft such as for a round shaped graft, 12-15 hair are required. Smaller graft contains two to four hair but surgeons can take 1-2 hair for micro graft. For slit grafts, surgeons take 4-10 hairs for each graft. Strip grafts are considered as thin and long grafts and so surgeons need an average of 30-40 grafts for preparing the same. Only a licensed physician can perform hair replacement surgery. A single session of hair replacement can cost the client about 3000 dollars or above.

Hair replacement is growing popular because it produces permanent results thereby saving time and money which is otherwise absorbed in making frequent visits to hair parlors and dermatologists for hair loss treatment. Hair replacement surgery may take multiple sessions but once the treatment is over, one need not to make even a single visit to the surgeon for maintenance of the relocated hair. One of the most alluring features of the hair replacement surgery is that it produces natural looking hair and the viewers cannot identify if the relocated hair are natural or transplanted. Another attractive feature of hair replacement surgery is that it is included in most of the hair insurance coverage plans taken to meet expenditure required in treatment of hair lost due to trauma or burns.

Hair replacement is one of the most cost effective treatments available to fight hair loss because it is a one time investment. The charges imposed by hair replacement clinics depend on the number of hair grafts and the number of hair replacements made in hair replacement surgery.

However Some people still doesn't prefer hair replacement, they may choose to go for natural way of hair cure.


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