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HEALTH HAIR-LOSS Natural Hair Growth Tips- Perfect for sporting wavy and shiny hair!

Natural Hair Growth Tips- Perfect for sporting wavy and shiny hair!

By: john adams | Aug 12 2013 | 441 words | 469 hits

Hair Loss has become very common these days. Majority of people are suffering from this condition. Fortunately, these days, to treat hair loss problem, there are a variety of natural treatments available. Hair is the crowning glory of every individual and hair loss is a condition that reduces the self esteem and confidence of people to a considerable extent. Read about several effective ways to treat it. To solve your problem, make sure that you only use natural products. Try the following natural hair growth tips to avoid excessive hair fall

1. Using towel, dry your hair gently

You should not dry it with dryer, when your hair is wet. For drying it, you need a soft towel. By doing so, falling of hair can be prevented to a considerable extent. By using a soft towel, try to dry your hair gently.

2. Reduce level of stress

Do you know that the biggest factor that can trigger your hair loss is stress? Try to take some days off from your work, if you are depressed with your daily duties. You should try meditation by joining classes for the same or join some yoga classes. Reducing your stress level, it is important to keep yourself calm. To stop hair loss and re-grow your hair back, this method is effective.

3. Avoid pollutants or chemical substances

Try to avoid chemical products or pollutants, in order to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Because they can damage the hair follicle, chemical hair products are dangerous for your hair. By drying out your hair, pollutants affect it. When you are outside, make sure that you protect your hair. Protecting your hair from those substances, there are some natural hair growth products, such as Aloe Vera.

4. Avoid Use of chemical products

If you want to get healthy and beautiful hair, try to avoid the chemical products, such as wax, gel, colorants, or hair spray. On your scalp, those products block pores. Your condition will be exacerbated with the use of chemical products.

5. Consume protein

The building blocks of your hair are protein. You need to consume protein, if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair. Such as meat, milk, egg, and cheese, you can get protein from your daily foods. To boost your protein consumption, there are also some protein supplements that you can use.

6. Use some natural home remedies

To re-grow your hair, try to use some natural products. Mix olive oil and rosemary together. To keep it healthy, you can apply the mixture on your scalp. Used to nourish your hair, those two items have strong antioxidant. To have your beautiful hair, make sure that you use these natural products every morning.


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John Wrick Adams is author of this article and writes Articles Since long time. For further details about natural hair growth tips and natural hair growth products please visit to website.
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