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HEALTH HAIR-LOSS Useful Tips for the maintenance of the natural hair weaves

Useful Tips for the maintenance of the natural hair weaves

By: john adams | Aug 15 2013 | 442 words | 493 hits

The natural hair weaves indeed need very considerate and careful attention on its maintenance or else it may lose a lot of your valuable time. There are special procedures of its maintenance right from the very careful processes of the combing and washing of the natural hair weaves. In this write-up, we have considered discussing some of the maintenance of the natural hair weaves which can be of great help to you if you have weaved your hair.

• This is an observed trend that most of the times; we start combing the hair from the base and then move towards the tip of the hair. In case of the natural hair weaves, it is advisable to comb moving gradually upward to the base of the hair.

• Before the hair is washed or rinsed with a prescribed shampoo, it is advisable to comb or brush the hair in order to remove the residues completely from the scalp.

• Once the natural hair weave is done on your scalp, it is advisable to abstain from washing the hair for at least two weeks continuously in order to get the setting done in the proper manner without any disturbance. Also use mild water to wash the natural hair weaves. The too hot or too cold water may harm the natural hair weaves.

• Also it is a strict mandate that you should very particularly avoid the usage of any of the harsh or strong chemical products on the natural hair weaves. The usage of the harsh products for the purpose of conditioning and styling is to be strictly avoided.

• The usage of the alcohol containing products may harm the natural hair weaves. Thus, it is advisable to abstain from using the alcohol containing products. • This is highly necessary to get the weaving done from a professional weaver and also it is very necessary to attain the tightening touch-up sessions which are scheduled by your consultant hair weaver.

• It is indeed a necessary tip for all of you who have opted for the hair weaving. You should not use the cotton pillow covers. Instead use the satin or the silk pillow covers which will prevent the hair loss considerably due to less friction.

• You have to be really careful during the process of blow-drying and straightening of the hair. This leads to the dangers of the hair fall in a big way. Thus, these kinds of the styling processes should be avoided positively.

• If you are enjoying yourself in the sea-side, then use a swim cap before you opt to swim in the sea. The salty sea water may be harmful for the natural hair weaves considerably.


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