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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS 4 Main Disadvantages of Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

4 Main Disadvantages of Laser Surgery For Stretch Marks

By: Codie Smith | Aug 26 2009 | 489 words | 1202 hits

Stretch marks are experienced by both men and women.They can be quite disturbing and can prevent you from wearing certain outfits and be yourself. This can also have an impact on your self confidence.

Fortunately,there is a new surgical treatment which could help you in getting rid of these ugly stretch marks. The procedure adopted here deals with restoring the skin collagen and also lends a natural look to your skin.

Though this procedure has certain obvious advantages, it also has certain shortcomings as mentioned below:

1) Unproven

This technique has still not been proven to be 100% accurate. Lasers are basically adopted to vaporize, remove and also for breaking down of the tissues. They are not effective in repairing the tissues. Stretch marks are caused due to tearing of tissues. There are many Doctors who claim laser surgery for getting permanently rid of these stretch marks. Clinical Research has proven that laser surgery may not be helpful in getting rid of stretch marks. To sum it up, there are still doubts on the 100% guarantee that stretch marks can be removed completely.

2) Old marks

Even well known doctors who claim 100% accuracy do not guarantee removal of old marks. Old stretch marks would fade over a period of time and would not respond successfully to laser treatment. The laser pulsed light is best when used on recent marks which are either brown or red in color. When the laser light is focused specifically on very new marks, then lightening those stretch marks would not be much of an issue.

3) Expensive

Laser treatment is an expensive method of getting rid of stretch marks. It may not be feasible for everyone to resort to this treatment. Hence, this could be a very great disadvantage. Depending on the severity of the stretch marks, the prices may vary. The price ranges from $ 2000 to $ 4000 per treatment. It may not be possible for an ordinary person to shell so much for getting a laser treatment done.

4) Pink puckered look

Laser treatment comes with a variety of side effects. The area gets pink in some days if you resort to this treatment. The skin appears pink and puckered. Individuals who have undergone this treatment may experience burning sensation on the area where laser surgery has been done. Sometimes, the area also turns red and gets swollen. Many patients also experience a brown discoloration of the skin which could be permanent. Women experience stretch marks during pregnancy and also after they have delivered. These stretch marks form scars which are visible on the arms, abdomen, butt and hips. They are visible anywhere. Laser therapy may not be the right option for getting rid of these stretch marks.

Despite the above limitations, this is a treatment that is well worth the effort. After all if you can manage to reduce or eliminate certain stretch marks through this procedure and can afford the cost, it is something that you can definitely opt for.

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