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Ab Exercises

By: Al Parker, MD | Feb 15 2007 | 654 words | 949 hits

She's 5'5", 110lbs, and got a backside you could use to crack a walnut. You? You're 6'2", 195 and she could use you're belly as a pillow.....only, she's doesn't really like you in you "that way". So you're thinking.....hmmm, how could I turn the tables on this little vixen? You're pondering this and other such meaningful thoughts when you look down and notice that your belly sticks out farther than your chest. Hmmm..that's interesting. That didn't do that last year.....or did it? Anyways, you do tons of crunches and ab exercises, but it never seems to go away, and you're pretty sick of the same old routine. So you look to your left and there is a nice, sweet, shy and kind of "soft" girl looking at your belly like she wants to lick it. You quickly become uncomfortable with being thought of as a piece of meat and race home to search the internet for "ab exercises".

Well, don't worry, I'll tell you all you need to know about ab exercises and give you enough of them to keep you busy until your 60, or until that foxy little vixen notices you.

Let's not screw around here. I'll just list a bunch of ab exercises to get you fired up about doing something and then we can talk about what the hell to do with them so they are actually working with you and not against you.

I'm not even going to talk about the sit-up because it's so archaic and out of date that you'd be better off just eating Cheetos. So, first we've got the good old crunch. We have the standard crunch, the side crunches, and the reverse crunch. To modify the intensity of any of these, you can place your hands at your sides, across your chest, behind the head or overhead. (These are listed in increasing difficulty). My next favorite are the legs out versions. Lye flat on your back, hands under your butt, and legs straight, parallel with the floor. The "6-inch raise", the "Good Morning Darlings", "Flutter Kicks", Sitting Flutter Kicks", "Knee Benders" (which come in a crunch version also), and "High Circles". Next are the "Bicycles", "Moving Bicycles", and "Side Bicycles". How about the "Perpendiculars", which of course come in the side version as well. Don't forget the V-Ups, the "Super V-Ups" and the "Side V-Ups" and the "V-Twist". You can also pretend you are having a "extreme" vacation with the "Rock-Climbers". Now when doing any abdominal exercises you should also take care of the back of your mid-section with some low back exercises. Here are a few. Prone Superman's, "Flutter Kick Superman's and "One leg Superman's.

Now, that should get you started with some ab exercises for your back pocket. So the question is the hell do you use them? It's really simple. First write them down on a piece of paper or put them into a computer file that you can print-out. Just pick out ten of these exercises, and do ten of each ten three times each week for 4-6 weeks. When it starts to get easy for you, change it to 15 reps of each 10 exercises, then 20 reps of each 10 exercises. Increase the reps by 5 until you reach 30 of each. That will be a total of 300 reps, 3 times each week. Then, when you get board with your routine, take a couple of ab exercises out of your routine and replace them with a couple more from the list. Keep rotating the ab exercises. When you find a new ab exercise, put that at the bottom of the list and work it into your rotation. Depending on your level of fitness, you should change up either the number of reps or the list actual ab exercises every 3-6 weeks. If you would like graphical explanations of each ab exercise, go to SUPER-FIT.COM, and have fun with your new girlfriend.

About author:
Dr. Parker is a surgical resident with an interest in preventative health, and fitness who has helped many of his family, friends and patients get in the best shape of their lives. For more about Ab Exercises go to: Ab Exercises
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