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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Ayurveda - the Complete Science of Life

Ayurveda - the Complete Science of Life

By: Awinita Smith | Oct 30 2006 | 422 words | 1131 hits

Woman body is wonderfully complex and delicate. She play multiple role in her life like mother, daughter, wife, homemaker is physically and mentally quite taxing. Because of her special reproductive role, she is at risk of some female disorders.

Ayurveda is a health care system sensitive to women's special health needs. Women are far more sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature and Ayurveda is founded on the principle of keeping the body toned in tune with nature. And naturally women find Ayurveda very suitable.

Ayurveda literally means "science of life and longevity." and is considered to be the traditional system of medicine of India. Ayurveda is a science in the sense that it is a complete system. It is a qualitative, holistic science of health and longevity, a philosophy and system of healing the whole person, body and mind. The origin of this system goes back to a far past, in which philosophy and medicine were not separated. Therefore, philosophical views have strongly influenced the Ayurvedic way of thinking.

Ayurvedic treatment is useful to remove the root cause and give permanent relief. There are four main classifications of managements of disease in ayurveda: shodan, or cleansing; shaman or palliation; rasayana, or rejuvenation; and satvajaya, or mental hygiene.

The treatment mainly comprises of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. Because the medicines are from natural sources and not synthetic, they are accepted and assimilated in the body without creating any side effects and on the other hand, there may be some side benefits.

Along with medicine, proper diet, exercise and living style is also advised. This is equally important. If we are taking a medicine to remove the root cause and at the same time we are taking some food or following a life style which is increasing the cause of disease, then we may not get well or will be getting less relief.
Dietary Regimen:- Proper selection of diet is necessary to avoid dosha imbalance and is also used as a treatment in many diseases.

Exercise Selection of proper exercise plays an important role in the treatment in disease.

Panch Karma therapy is also used as a treatment in many diseases. This "panchkarma" or five internal cleansing methods, is a most profound therapy in Ayurveda.

Yoga:-Ayurveda teaches a very systematic and scientific way of life which is important to pursue both materially and spiritually.

Ayurveda can work miracles. Ayurvedic healthcare is the perfect solution for women to stop the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation therapy will keep health, beauty and zest intact throughout the years.

About author:
This article has been published by Awinita Smith whose specialization are in Health related topics and currently writing on Skin Treatment topics for In past, she has written more articles on natural health care which can be seen in the same website. For more details about the Skin related issues or Natural Skin Care, please visit website. If any mistake or error is found in this published article, please get back to us at this address; so that we can rectify it promptly. You can also see more information on acne treatment on this page:
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