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Boost Your Energy Quickly

By: Dr Graeme Teague | Mar 14 2006 | 761 words | 1168 hits

If stress is low then energy is high, if energy is high then stress is less likely to affect us.

So one of the most important, and easy, ways to reduce and eliminate stress is to stay energetic.

So how do we keep our energy high?

Physical fitness always springs to your mind when you talk about energy levels. Well it is one way to improve your energy stores. It isn't the most efficient way though.

Physical fitness helps to keep energy high from an external source. Your ability to physically function is determined by this type of energy. So go for a walk, jog or run, play sport and keep active. Energy will increase and you will benefit from it.

One warning ...

Play sport or do exercise that you enjoy. Why?

If you enjoy it, it will create more energy. Don't get sucked into the 'this is the best exercise for fitness' jargon. The best exercise is the one you enjoy, not the one the person who wrote the book or article enjoyed. The exercise they mention is the one they enjoy and find most beneficial. You may not be the same person; hence a different exercise may or will be better.

So enjoy your exercise, you will do it more often that way and it will be better for you.

If you are low in energy, physical activity is usually going to be hard, arduous and not likely going to be a long term habit.

If you are low in energy then injuries are easier to occur, habits are harder to form and your motivation and enthusiasm for activity is low. So getting your energy up will help you become fit and active.

This is not the physical energy but internal energy. Internal energy is your ability to heal, your ability to resist disease, your ability to think clearly, be motivated and enthusiastic, your ability to live long and live happy.

How do you raise this energy?

Become healthy, not fit but healthy. Use techniques that are self-help related. Techniques that change your internal habits. Techniques that improve internal and external energy. This is the domain of natural therapies such as Acupressure, Reiki, Mudra and others.

They are able to be used on yourself, by you to help you gain the health and vitality you want. Is there other things you can do?

Do what you enjoy most.

If you do enjoyable activities, the internal energy will increase. What activities should you do?

All the books, magazines etc on why certain activities are best, won't help. You are going to like a different activity. Because you are different, in your likes and dislikes.

So do any activity you enjoy, whether it is running, walking, swimming, cycling or whatever. Just make it a habit, enjoy it and watch your fitness levels improve as well. If you enjoy the activity then your energy levels will increase faster than if you did a less enjoyable activity.

Remember, fitness is not health. However, enjoying the activity you do while you become fitter, helps your health as well. The activities that raise your energy internally raise your health. They don't have to be fitness related.

Remember the saying, 'laughter is the best medicine', it applies to activity also. The most enjoyable is the most beneficial.

So do activities that increase your energy ... things that make you happier and brighter.

Such as ...

Go fly a kite ... looking up at the sky lifts your spirits and helps to release stress. Go and lie down on the grass on a sunny day, in a park, or at home, if you live in an apartment go to the roof and lie on your back. Watch the sky and the clouds floating by. Look at the shapes that they make. Let your thoughts drift away with the clouds.

Just play as many child-like games as possible. Get together with friends and play hide and seek, or chasing. Kick a ball around and have fun.

Go to funny movies, or see a comedy festival. Generally have more fun. Laughter is the best medicine, especially at an energy level. Have you ever seen someone high in energy being sad or unhappy.

Energy raises the spirits, drops the stress levels and improves your health. All by being happier and higher in energy.

So get out there and enjoy life, you only have one to enjoy so don't waste it.

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About author:
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