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Buy Ephedra Product Get Arrested

By: Todd Massey | Sep 28 2006 | 450 words | 2241 hits

As I predicted over a year ago when ephedra products were making a come-back, I said to people who were buying my book, The Black Market Report on Ephedrine, not to get to excited about ephedra product being around much longer.

You see, if you don't know the story about ephedra diet pills then here is the short version of the story.

Ephedra weight loss pills were legal and popular for over 10 years. The ephedra products were really helping a lot of people lose weight. Some people had trouble with them. The FDA said, we have to save the few people who have trouble taking ephedra.

Despite the fact that millions of people actually lose weight taking ephedra we, the FDA, must stop this nonsense. A few people are getting hurt every year. We need to protect the public and make it illegal.

So ephedra was made illegal. Then, temporarily, it was legal again for a little over a year. Now it is illegal again and just to make sure it stays illegal some of the people up in Congress got the wording of a law changed just to make sure there was never any trouble again.

That way, ephedra products would always stay illegal. Not only that but anytime the FDA wanted to it could make any other herb illegal. Just because.

Okay, is my bitterness showing? I think people have the right to make an informed choice, but that choice has been taken away, and ephedra is only the start.

Now you might not get arrested buying ephedra products, if you can find them, but I sure wouldn't want to buy ephedra products on the black market made in back rooms. If the FDA thought ephedra products were questionable before, now there is really something to worry about.

The real problem was money. Ephedra was an effective alternative that was actually pretty darn cheap.

That was what the pharmaceutical companies didn't like. Cheap and effective. And that money wasn't going into their pockets.

The long term game plan, even though it may take 20 or 50 years is to get herbs taken off the market and removed as a choice from the consumer. If you have nothing to turn to except prescription drugs, well then they have finally won. Even if it did take a few decades.

Ephedra worked, some people didn't like it. Some people had problems with it. It is no different from any other drug or herb on this earth.

If a doctor prescribes you a drug and you have problems with it, he will lower the dose or find another drug to give you. It almost never gets taken off the market because of a few bad side effects.

It never made logical sense and never will.

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