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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Can Facial Exercises Help Defy Aging Skin?

Can Facial Exercises Help Defy Aging Skin?

By: Danna Schneider | Aug 11 2008 | 685 words | 2006 hits

For how much money we spend on skin care products and professional skin treatments, and even surgery to correct our facial skin, it's kind of a wonder that facial exercises haven't caught on more than they have. After all, they only cost the price of the book or instructional manual you purchase, and the rest is simply the time it takes to do them every day, or a few days a week.

However, we all know that it's not that easy, and that most people are looking for quick fixes when it comes to their expression lines, sagging skin, and the wrinkles they see in the mirror increasingly as the years add up. What if you knew undoubtedly though, that you could potentially erase years off your face, defying gravity and pulling everything back up to where it should be, by using facial exercises as part of your daily routine?

Well, perhaps more women and men would get turned on to facial exercises as a means to prevent and reverse the look of aging in the face. But do they actually work? The answer is, first it depends on whether the person performing them is doing them correctly and often enough.

Second, it reportedly also depends on which regimen you choose to follow. Some exercises for the face are bound to be more effective than others, so it's wise to do your due research before you settle on a program that is right for you, but also has worked for numerous other customers who seem to have provided honest and complete feedback.

What might you do for one of these facial exercises, you ask? Well, you probably would want to do them in the comfort of your own home, and when you will not be interrupted by anyone. Also, if you do them with anyone, be sure it is with someone you don't mind feeling a tad silly around, because some of the expressions you need to make to perform the various exercises look..... well...silly!

The purpose behind facial exercises is to tone the underlying facial muscles, which are responsible for the look of youth you see, where the cheek bones seem to remain higher on the face, the eye area is filled out and "plumped" instead of hollow looking, and there is an absence of jowls and loose skin under the chin, since the muscles are in tip top shape and are doing what they should be doing.

What they should be doing by the way, is defying gravity so your face sits exactly as it should, without that pulled down, drooping look that often accompanies the aging process. If you look at younger pictures of yourself, you will see this phenomenon at work in your own face.

Notice how your face seems to be plumper, fuller, and "lifted" (hence the name of the face lift). Now, take a look at a picture of your face as it currently is, and unless you are in your twenties, you probably see how gravity has done it's work on your face unless you are incredibly lucky.

Facial exercises help to keep everything looking as it did when you were younger by tightening the muscles, which then in turn help to gently encourage the skin to follow suit. This can mean less wrinkles as well as the disappearance of loose or sagging skin, and a generally more toned and youthful look to your facial skin.

When searching for the ideal facial exercises, be sure to read reviews on the successes and failures of other customers who have tried the particular regimen. There are some great rating programs at various large online retailers where customers can share their good and bad experiences with programs, books and manuals such as these, and they should be heavily utilized here.

You want to make sure it's not something that would be so time consuming or difficult to follow that there is no way you will stick to it, and yet you also want something that will be effective, so reading individual reviews on the various offerings will help you gauge which program will fit your needs, goals and personal comfort levels best.

About author:
Danna Schneider has written articles and reviews on her experiences with beauty products and procedures, and also contributes to skin care anti aging product reviews and anti aging techniques, tips and tricks for the skin at facial exercises for anti aging and Revitol skin cream reviews , where you can find reviews on an all natural anti aging and skin support system.
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