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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Check Out if your Partying is Making you Fatty!

Check Out if your Partying is Making you Fatty!

By: James Petersen | Sep 10 2007 | 736 words | 1012 hits

The increase in the incomes of the middle class and the upper middle class has led to the growth of concepts that were earlier only confined to the "elite" class. People who come under the tag of middle class and upper middle class are now earning handsome salary but on the condition of slogging around 8-10 hours in their work places. The increase in the cost of living has also prompted many ladies to get into jobs. Especially in marriages where both the partners work, it has become almost impossible for the lady of the house to work in the kitchen after slogging for hours together in the office(occasional trips to the kitchen are an exception). The dearth in time that the modern generation is facing also puts things like family picnics and vacations on a pending list for a long long time. Thus the only form of recreation that the modern families are left with, especially in the cities are going for movies, long drives, shopping, and eating out.

The term "eating out" implies the obvious. But the interesting part is, the term is hidden in all the other mentioned activities too. Yes, you got it right. It is implicit and also understood that people munch around even while shopping, while in a long drive or while watching a movie.

The truth is, in the global age where people are earning good money, eating out has become a routine and common activity. Mind you the various eating joints and the multi cuisine restaurants that are mushrooming at an unprecedented rate are not cheap; in fact some of them are quite expensive. Still people are willingly to pay the heavy sum for good and exotic food. We can even add that these eating joints are having the time of their lives.

You must be wondering why I am going on and on about restaurants and globalization and high incomes in this weight loss article. Well my dear friends I am not talking nonsense. If you are one of those who have only countable meals at home (and eating at home doesn't mean ordered food from outside) there is a real danger alarm ringing for you. Just take a count of your weight and your calorie intake and you will instantly know what I mean. It's very rarely that people keep an eye on the nutritional value of the food they are having when they are eating out. Most of the time, its all cholesterol, fats, and urea that people are having. The real nutritional content in this kind of food is quite low and in addition you are also at a danger of falling ill owing to the hygiene of the food served.

The increase in diseases like chronic amoebic dysentery, gastroenteritis, disease pertaining to the liver, and weight gain is substantially due to this culture of eating out. And while eating out, most of you do away with all the health botherations because for most of you eating out is synonymous to partying. And when you party you don't hold back in any aspect.

Excepting the health freaks, most of the people are always short of time to work out. As a result the bulging tummy, the expanding flab, and the mounting thighs. However now there is a way to get back to shape without sweating out in the gym. The weight loss pills. More and more people are taking up weight loss pills and also getting results. But more often than not people are at a fix, regarding which weight loss pill they should choose from the innumerable number that's on offer in the market. Mostly people go for the ones those are famous and have success stories. Xenical weight loss is popular and hence it has many "permanent followers". In case you want to lose weight you can buy Xenical but only on medical prescription. You can also buy Xenical online on the internet. In fact in some of the countries Xenical is sold as an over the counter drug as it is considered the safest weight loss pill.

Having shown you a way to lose weight without work outs, I would also like to add that if you are sure that your increasing weight is a result of eating out, its time you cut down on this habit. Otherwise what's the use of taking weight loss drugs when you are full on munching unhealthy food at the same time?

About author:
James Petersen’s expertise on the weight loss drug Xenical is well known and he has written a plethora of articles and pieces on obesity related issues. If you are keen on browsing through his work, visit the website
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