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Fasting And Cleansing

By: Robert Bernard | Oct 10 2010 | 454 words | 1116 hits

Cleansing is a type of detoxification method that many people do---not only to lose weight but look healthy and fit. It gives you strong body, shining hair and clears your complexion. Fasting is the most reliable way of flushing out unwanted substance from the body. Follow fasting program every year to make your skin glowing and shed extra pounds. If you fast on a soup or juice, it is possible to lose 5 1bs each time. At the beginning, fasting on water only can harm your body because quick detoxing can cause nausea and headaches from poisons being flushed out of your body.

Fasting is a way of calorie restriction and cleansing removes wasted material from your body. You should start your cleaning program through intermittent fasting which is restricted to juice, water and fruits only. Our body contains different types of harmful toxics, fasting is the only way to detoxify them. Today we consume several types of toxic as lead in bones is 200 times greater than 2000 years ago. Within cells of body, you will fine bleaches, preservatives, buffers, chemical flavors, dyes, noxious sprays, antioxidants, acidifiers, drying agents, deodorants, stabilizers, fungicides and many other substances. Here, I am sharing the role of fasting along with calorie restriction food. Lets start from lungs!

Through water, air, and food, there is absorption of several toxins that are saturating the environment. City lifestyle can fill your lungs with 20 million dangerous particles like lead, dioxide, nitrogen, monoxide, PCB, radioactive, x-rays, and many more. Fasting can easily clean your lungs from these substances. It is an effective way to cleanse your kidneys, liver, colon, and arties, purify blood, loose extra weight, flush out harmful toxins, clear tongue and eyes and fresh the breath. Three day fasting can do well to cleanse majority of substance from the body. To restart a healing process, and to rebuild the immune system, you should keep intermittent fasting five days. Before that, it is better to eat fruits and raw vegetables for three or four days. In this way, regular fasting will not prove a shock to your digestive system. Have pure juice and two cups of green tea a day. However, tomatoes or orange juices are not allowed during fasting. To make your cleaning process fast, you must take fiber supplements before and after it.

When toxins release from your body, you may experience some type of symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, headache, dizziness, insomnia, body aches, dark urine, scaly skin, foul smelling, sinus and many other problems. Daily lemon juice can bring some relief from these problems. If you still face any trouble, you must visit a physician for consultation. It is better to get supervision of a doctor during fasting and cleaning program.

About author:
Robert Bernard is a antiaging expert who is conducting special anti-aging fasting and cleansing programs in Central Europe. And now I would like to invite you to visit to find out the latest anti aging treatments that you should use to achieve radiant looking skin and healthy lifestyle.
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