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General Health

By: Pencil Writer | Jul 30 2007 | 486 words | 2754 hits

You have to take care of your health, no matter what is circumstance is. A healthy body is the only asset you can have. General health can be divided into two sections:

1 Broad Goals - overall health and well-being
2 Narrow Goals - Sport competition and concerns over appearance

Regular routine and moderate exercises with healthy diet can improve muscle tone, healthy skin and healthy hair and nails. Inactivity and poor diet will lead to series of heart and organ failures and reduction in health related life style.

Weight Loss
In the first world nation's large number of people is affected by obese. Health risks arising from obesity are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, and prostrate, colon and breast cancer. These stout people often suffer social isolation and institutional discrimination. To help these obese individuals the market is flooded with weight loss pills and products and they achieve some moderate reductions in weight.

The battle against fat is not a simple one, but a long and tough battle. The physician and therapist along with personal trainers interface to provide a programme to reconstruct the lifestyle and provide the necessary motivation for its success.

Body Conditioning
A person should have a good idea of what kind of physique he/she wants. Women want to tone and men want to build their muscle. Basically they are physiologic process. A toned body is lean and low in fat. Building up muscle means getting as much muscle as possible to give a body builder's look.

Field Training
This field training is developing physical conditions to improve the performance and skills for a particular sport. For example trainers can help to improve stamina and arm strength for playing tennis or improve strength and core stability to play golf and so on.

Injury Recovery
Injured persons often require a certification from physician on the extent of injury. The recovery and rehabilitation can be contributed from certified fitness trainers. They coordinate with doctors, physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, special nutritional counsellors and alternative medicine healthcare providers.

Pre/Post Natal Trainer
To reinforce the body structure for the extra weight during pregnancy period it is extremely important to increase the strength of the muscle by exercise and stretching.

The mother will notice a change in her body position as the baby grows. To manage the extra weight at the front of the body, the hip and the back joints will share the strain. The lower back muscle will tighten and abdominal muscles will stretch to adapt the growing baby. At this time the exercises help to strengthen the weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, they in turn reduce the strain on the lower back.

When doing exercises give weight age to the following tips:

Try variety of exercises for balanced development
Mix up the order of the exercises
Spend longer duration in stabilisation
Adapt variety of rep speeds
Change the tools frequently
Follow different training angles

When you sincerely follow this, be sure, your general health will improve.

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