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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS How To Buy The Perfect Treadmill

How To Buy The Perfect Treadmill

By: Scott Patterson | Feb 1 2006 | 487 words | 1355 hits

Whether you are a fitness buff or a complete exercise beginner, a treadmill can be a wise investment. But with the hundreds of companies out there selling treadmills, there is an array of options to choose from.

In this article, I will discuss four of the most important items that you should look for, when shopping for a treadmill.


When shopping for a treadmill, the most important consideration is the motor.

The majority of treadmills operate on a DC electric motor that provides an easy to control electric current. Quality treadmills use a power output anywhere from 1.5 to 5 horse power (Hp). Obviously the larger Hp will be more expensive.

If you are using your treadmill for your home and for only a few people, then 2 Hp is all you need.

Running Deck

Since you will be doing your exercise entirely on the deck of the treadmill, it is very important that you find one that will fit your frame and provide comfort.

Usually running decks on most treadmills come with two rollers on each end, which help operate the belt. The deck is generally composed a wooden or fibre board that provide some level of spring every time a foot impacts on it. Shock absorbance is important to preventing injury.

When shopping for a deck you should primarily look for decks that can maximize the impact of your legs. In addition, look for at least a 60" length and 20" width. This will provide enough room for the average person's running stride. If you are bigger, then you might need more room.


Treadmill frames should be composed of a steel or aluminium material. Over time, these frames are known to be much more durable then plastic or wood frames. Durability is the key, so only select a frame that can take a pounding without breaking.


The final factor to consider is the console. This is the one section where treadmill retailers overwhelm consumers with a bunch of jargon and cool sounding gadgets.

When you shop for treadmills, the important item you should look for is a control panel that will display your speed, time, pace and distance. Anything beyond that is your personal preference. While many people love extras, you can get by with just these items.

So if you have a little more in your budget, you can look for some factors such as:

Programmed workouts
Incline settings
Maximum speeds going up to12 mph
Safety features that allow for quick turning off of the machine
Heart rate monitors that can be clipped to your chest, ear or finger
Entertainment functions that can help distract the user

Buying a treadmill can be confusing because of the technical terms and jargon. By understanding the basics of what you need, then you can ignore all the fancy sounding names and focus on what is important. When you understand the basics of a quality treadmill, then it will be easy to find one that is perfect for your home and budget.

About author:
Scott J. Patterson is the owner of Endless Treadmills, find out how you can get information on discounted treadmills
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