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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS How to Decrease Arm Flab

How to Decrease Arm Flab

By: Marci Lall | Oct 16 2008 | 496 words | 2812 hits

Extra weight on the back of the upper arm (tricep) is a problem part of the body that ALL women want to get rid of. As you may already know there are numerous exercises you can do to tone and decrease the fat in the back of your upper arms.

However, being too busy to actually exercise is a common problem with many women these days. So what happens when you can't go to the gym, are traveling on the road, or are just too busy to do a boat load of exercises?

The solution is to do...compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises in which you work more than one muscle group at a time. For example, doing a simple push up works your chest right? Well...yes and no. While doing a push up the primary muscle group you're working is your chest but the secondary muscle group you're working is the back of your upper arm. This is a great way to get a lot done in less time.

QUICK NOTE: When you want to work the back of your upper arm, try to do more "pushing" exercises. Any "push" exercise will extend the arm and ultimately fire the tricep muscle group.

Obviously the majority of women out there don't want to end up with big freakish arms with veins popping out from every angle, so they tend to stay clear of resistance training altogether and only do cardiovascular work. This is HAAUUGGE mistake by many women. Resistance training has numerous benefits that will increase an individual's level of fitness drastically. The secret to weight training for women is to use a light weight (example: 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs) and perform 12-15 repetitions for a minimum of 3 sets. By following this prescription you will get a nice defined feminine look to your arms.

Performing resistance training and cardiovascular training will of course yield the best results. But hey, the clocks ticking and you've got to pick your kids up from school. This is a common situation for any women to be in. You just don't have time to do weights and cardio. Solution?
Do them both at the same time!

This form of training is commonly called circuit training. This type of training involves moving through different exercises without any rest in between. This dynamic way of training will keep your heart rate up (cardio) due to the fact that you will always be moving. Because you will be performing different exercises, it will also tone and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

So there you go, in 30 minutes you have successfully done your cardio and resistance training, which gives you more time to do thing's you want to do.

Here's a quick circuit of 4 exercises that you can do right in your home to get rid of your arm flab. This circuit will last for 30 minutes with a 45 second rest after you have completed all 4 exercises. Get in as many sets as you can in 30 minutes.

About author:
Marci Lall specializes in Forest Hill Weight Loss. If you would like to get his free Stability Ball Abdominal Workout that has 9 highly effective abdominal exercises for women just go to this link
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