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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Is it Real Hoodia Gordonii?

Is it Real Hoodia Gordonii?

By: Claire Call | Jan 25 2007 | 542 words | 1442 hits

Did You Buy Authentic Hoodia Gordonii?

There are a great deal of companies who are selling Hoodia Gordonii weight loss supplements in stores and over the internet today. The problem is that a lot of these hoodia weight loss supplements simply do not have sufficient hoodia in them. There has even been a case of alleged hoodia being seized in a raid without any hoodia in it. It just contained wood shavings and fillers!

Hoodia consists of a substance that can presumably be developed into a capsule that can hold back one's appetite and then melt away the problem of obesity. The hoodia plant contains a previously unheard-of appetite suppressant molecule, which is known now and called P 57. Use of hoodia for weight loss help is growing extraordinarily popular due to the fact that it has no presumed negative side effects.

There are various kinds of hoodia products. You'll find the which claims to be 100 percent pure. These weight loss pills are supposedly created from a complete hoodia gordonii plant that is made into a powder. The San people themselves do not eat the the skin of the hoodia plant. Instead, the skin is peeled, clear away the spikes, and get rid of them. They additionally make a hoodia tincture, consisting of a 10:1 gram and 20:1 gram ratio. The hoodia plant is placed in alcohol and the active ingredients are soaked into itself. The alcohol is then filtered and at last removed with just the active ingredients left.

You may imagine that it's easy to find out which companies have genuine supplements, the authentic hoodia. It is possible that you may, with excellent logic, assume that it is just a matter of a little testing in the lab to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, it turns out that in this business, there is not an agreed upon definition of just what hoodia gordonii is at the lab.

There are essentially 2 laboratories in America that influence the testing market for hoodia, and these two labs don't agree with one another on what types of tests need to be done, ways they must be executed, and what exactly the definition of genuine hoodia really is. These two labs might not even be working off the same botanical samples. Because of this, each of the companies might be using entirely different plants altogether, for all that we know.

So, in a nutshell, those things are only the start of a long list of problems and complications with the current hoodia industry. You have got two leading labs that do not agree with each other on what hoodia is in the first place, and then they further squabble regarding how to perform testing for it and validate it. The aftermath of this is that there are some supplement companies that send samples to one laboratory who validates them to be test figures vary, and that's only the beginning of what's wrong with the hoodia industry.

Only Pfizer and Phytopharm have any legit claim currently for the licensing of the core, working ingredients in The hoodia gordonii plant. Some other hoodia pills could indeed be effective, but really all of them are suspicious. So to be on the safe side, it's best to use hoodia gordonii from authenticated sources.

About author:
Claire is a writer for that discusses and writes about where to get only the best in hoodia gordonii products, diet pills and supplements . Get information on hoodia weight loss pills so that your weight loss program is as helpful as it can be, with the proper supplements and products.
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