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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Lose Weight While Eating Candy?

Lose Weight While Eating Candy?

By: Mike Vincent | Apr 10 2007 | 453 words | 1153 hits

If you are trying to lose weight then it is generally wise to avoid sweet in-between-meal snacks such as candy. However a new kind of lollipop, filled with a natural appetite suppressor and vitamins, could make candy snacks an integral part of a serious weight loss program.

The appetite suppressant that forms the main ingredient of these weight-loss lollipops, sold under trade names such as Power Pops, comes from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. The Bushmen of South Africa's Kalahari Desert have been eating Hoodia Gordonii for thousands of years. They would eat the plant while going out on long hunting expeditions in order to decrease their appetite and increase their energy.

During the 1960s medical researchers found that the active ingredient of the plant does indeed suppress appetite. Journalists from CBS and BBC too have tried Hoodia and their reports on the appetite suppressing qualities of the South African plant have made Hoodia the "latest thing" for people anxious to do something about their weight problems.

But Hoodia cannot be effectively taken like a simple weight loss pill. The Bushmen of the Kalahari didn't take capsules or pills rather they chewed on the plant slowly. It is a slow and gradual release of the plant's appetite suppressing ingredient that provides the most effective way to get the benefits of Hoodia.

Sucking on a Hoodia-laden lollipop provides a good way to take Hoodia in a way that is similar to the successful use of the plant by the Bushmen. The nutrients are released slowly as you suck on the candy. In addition, holding the lollipop in your hand keeps you from reaching for other munchies.

Makers of the Hoodia lollipops say that they can be taken in between meals instead of other snacks or can be used in connection with a weight reduction meal plan.

For example they say that you can take a Hoodia lollipop with an eight ounce glass of water just thirty minutes before eating breakfast. They advise eating a well-balanced meal that includes fresh fruits.

When lunch time comes you can take another Hoodia lollipop with a glass of water thirty minutes before eating and then eat a balanced meal with protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. And the lollipop again is taken 30 minutes before dinner. Once again the dinner should be a balanced meal, and it should be eaten three hours before bedtime.

There are only two ways to lose weight, either you reduce your intake of food and calories or you must increase your exercise. If you have been struggling to reduce your calorie level due to uncontrollable hunger and continual snacking, then the new Hoodia products, combined with balanced meals and exercise may be just what you need to lose weight in a natural and enjoyable way.

About author:
Mike Vincent is a frequent writer on health matters and manages the websites Power Pops with Hoodia and Power Pops, both of which provide more information about Hoodia Gordonii.
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