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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Menopause and Natural Alternatives

Menopause and Natural Alternatives

By: Mitamins Team | Jan 22 2007 | 678 words | 1007 hits

Most women experience the menopause( at around fifty years old. At this time a woman stops ovulating and ceases to have a monthly menstrual cycle. The menopause may occur overnight or can be more of a gradual process. The period of time leading up to menopause is often described as the perimenopause. For every woman, this is the time when the production of estrogen decreases and hormonal changes occur which can affect her physically, mentally and emotionally.
When the estrogen production slows down, the adrenal glands may become overworked, resulting in smaller amounts of hormonal production. The blood vessels dilate, and this can often result in hot flushes. Other common symptoms are restlessness(, anxiety, strange food cravings, achy joints and emotional instability. There could also be changes in sexual desire, excessive sweating, palpitation, frequent urination, insomnia(, night sweats and headaches. It is important to consider all these different symptoms in the treatment of the menopause.
Through the centuries, ancient medicine has recommended natural remedies for the treatment of the menopause. The traditional Chinese remedy for menopausal symptoms is Dong Quai. This well-researched natural remedy has phytoestrogenic properties and has proved effective in inducing progesterone receptor activity, which balances the progesterone/estrogen ratios. Another remedy is Goji, which is also said to restore hormonal balance. Today, Black Cohosh is also fast gaining popularity as an herbal cure for menopausal symptoms. This thoroughly researched herb contains phytoestrogens which balance the systemic estrogen production and suppress the high levels of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which is responsible for hot flashes. Other remedies that have proved helpful in the treatment of the menopause are flaxseed oil and Evening Primrose oil, both of which alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Though the results on the use of soy in the treatment of the menopause are inconclusive, many women swear by it and say that they have felt much better after including soy in their diet. Red clover which is full of isoflavones is also being widely used instead of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
The menopause is certainly a time for women to look after their general health. Healthy eating and exercise are particularly important. Many women gain weight during the menopause so it is important to keep an eye on your diet. Limit high fat and high sugar foods; include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean sources of protein and complex carbohydrates. It is very important to ensure adequate calcium intake at this time, as the protective effect of estrogen on the bones will be diminishing. From Around 50 years of age a women's requirements for calcium increases from 1000 to 1200mg per day. This can be met through diet through ensuring 3-5 portions of calcium containing food per day. A portion is equivalent to glass of milk or calcium-fortified soy milk, a small pot of yogurt, an ounce of cheese, a large helping of green leafy vegetables, or a few ounces of tofu.
It is also essential to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral intake at this time to assist with the treatment of menopause. Vitamin C is essential to keep the immune system in good shape. Vitamin B6 increases progesterone levels and helps to raise serotonin production which can calm a person down. Folic acid helps in cellular metabolism, assists in repairing damaged cells and neutralizes toxins. Zinc helps the immune system and assist with building strong bones.
Besides what one takes, what one does is very important too and there's nothing to beat a bit of exercise in the treatment of menopause. One study had 55% of women experiencing a reduction in the severity of hot flushes with aerobic exercise. Walking is a great form of exercise and it is weight-bearing which is important in keeping your bones healthy. In a study conducted at Tufts University, postmenopausal women who lifted weights twice a week for a year gained 1% in bone density. Yoga and acupuncture have also proved beneficial in studies. All in all, placing a little more emphasis on staying fit and healthy and putting you first seem to be key in overcoming problems associated with menopause.

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Author Bio: Mitamins team Mitamins' aim is to custom-made the best natural remedies to complement the treatment of your concerns. Our unique process allows you to combine multiple formulas into a single formula, in a single bottle, and avoid overdose and interactions. treatment of menopause
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