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Spa Facial

By: Constance Seng | Apr 17 2010 | 349 words | 2311 hits

Everyone wants a spa facial from time to time, but not everyone can afford one. There is an easy way to treat yourself right when it comes to a home spa facial.

Step One - Relax your skin. Grab a clean, warm, wet towel and drape it over your face. This will relax your pores and prepare them to be exfoliated. Leave the towel on your face for about a minute.

Step Two - Clean your face. Get your favorite facial cleanser and use it gently in circular motions over your face. When your entire face is covered, wipe off the cleanser with a warm wet towel.

Step Three - Apply a gentle scrub to your face. This will work best if you have a fine grain scrub, not one that is too rough for your skin. It is actually a good idea to use a facial scrub once a week to help get rid of dry skin. Remove the scrub with warm water.

Step Four - Give yourself a facial massage. This will be the most like a spa facial. Start with tapping motions to your forehead. Then gently pinch your eye brows along the brown line. Follow with the pads of your fingers pressing gently against your cheekbones. Then rub along your jaw line in a circular motion. Press your finger tips along your cheekbone from your nose to your ear. Follow this by pressing your fingers up and down the back of your neck. Finish by massaging your scalp from your forehead to the top of your head.

Step Five - Next apply a mud mask. You can purchase a mud mask at any beauty or health store. You can find recipes for mud masks online as well. Apply the mud mask evenly over your skin, covering your eyes with cucumber slivers or cool wet cotton balls. Let the mask sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step Six - Clean off the mud mask and use your favorite rehydrating cream or lotion. You can find natural ingredients at health food stores or you can buy them premade. They will leave your skin glowing.

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    Spa Facial

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