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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Taking a Chance on Diet Pills

Taking a Chance on Diet Pills

By: Abigail Franks | Feb 21 2007 | 482 words | 1030 hits

There's no denying that anyone who has a weight problem truly desires a quick and easy solution. Just a thought of taking a pill and pounds melting away is enough for many of us to freely give our hard-earned money to those making such crazy claims. There are a number of products on the market that claim to be effective weight loss pills.

These medications, drugs or supplements all work to curb your appetite one way or another. They are far from being the magical weight loss pills we hope to obtain. Rather, these supplements and pills are designed as a diet aid and not as a solution themselves.

Let's be honest. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and be more active. All weight-loss products whether exercise equipment, diet pills, programs, and even surgery are all based on helping overweight people to the either eat less, or be more active

The problem with weight loss diet pills however, is that many of them have been associated with serious medical risks. A very popular prescription medication of the past decade, Fen/Phen, was found to cause heart valve damage and was pulled from the market. Unfortunately, this wasn't until after many people permanently damaged their health. Everything from increased risks of heart attack, heart abnormalities, stroke, seizures and even death have all been attributed to one or more weight loss diet pill options.

This is an especially difficult problem when considering over the counter medications and herbal remedies labeled specifically for weight loss. The great majority of weight loss supplements are not subject to the rigorous testing and research done by pharmaceutical companies for prescription drugs. That testing however, is also no guarantee that the weight loss diet pill you desire will live up to your expectations or be safe long term.

There are no guarantees in life as there are no magic pills that make fat melt away. You simply do not want to take the risk of damaging your long-term health by taking medications that promise fast weight loss. From ephedra marketed as a weight loss nutritional supplement to the prescription offering of Fen/Phen, long-term side effects and risks have not been adequately explored.

Your best bet to lose weight is to make long term, adjustments to your lifestyle that will result in more activity and the intake of fewer calories per day. Using this strategy you can lose the weight you want and never again worry about being on any type of diet. Use the link below and sign up for a list of over 100 simple and easy things you can do to lower your calories and increase your activity

It's possible to lose up to 20 pounds during the year by making just two or three small changes in your lifestyle. Isn't it worth the safety of making a simple lifestyle change rather than taking the risks associated with weight loss diet pills?

About author:
Abigail Franks has done extensive research into weight loss and what works. Find out valuable information about weight loss diet pills and successful weight loss
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