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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS The Barrel Sauna Has A Traditional Wood Construction Which Is Key To The Sauna Experience

The Barrel Sauna Has A Traditional Wood Construction Which Is Key To The Sauna Experience

By: Ann Marier | Mar 21 2007 | 423 words | 2539 hits

The tradition of the sauna dates back about 1500 years, to when early Finns created the first saunas using a wood fire that made smoke as well as heat. Once the smoke cleared, the Finns would go into the sauna, creating an experience that was not just about the invigorating heat of the sauna, but the scents as well. While, today, saunas won't create the smoke that the original ones had, you can still enjoy a traditional outdoor sauna experience by purchasing a barrel sauna.

It's The Shape

While the idea of a barrel sauna may bring up the image of a person poking his head out of a steaming keg, barrel saunas are actually rather roomy places to relax. A barrel can be designed so that it is usable standing upright or designed so that the intended use on the side. The rounded shape of the barrel allows the widest parts, those at the sides, to be fitted with barrels for sitting comfortably, and a barrel sauna is designed to be large, about the size of a small gazebo. The advantage to the shape and the size of a barrel sauna make it well-suited for sitting along comfortably or having a few guests inside to enjoy the steam of your sauna.

The shape of a barrel is also well-suited for accommodating people from small to tall in comfort, and allows for you to install seats at varying heights, which can create zones of differing temperatures within the sauna, with higher seats further away from the heater, holding cooler temperatures.

Traditional Construction

The barrel sauna has a traditional wood construction, which is also key to a proper sauna experience. A new barrel sauna, particularly those made of cedar, bring the scent of new wood to your nose when in your sauna, something that many find relaxing. A barrel sauna can also add an interesting, rustic, Nordic look to your yard. Because a barrel sauna is a separate addition to your home, you want something that will look elegant on its own, and a barrel sauna manages to create a unique look that's all its own.

The simple design of the barrel sauna makes it ideal for those looking to construct their own sauna or to buy one assembled beforehand. There are a number of sauna companies that specialize in making these saunas, so if you find yourself interested in purchasing one of these rustic European wonders, you should have no trouble. Purchase one for your yard and learn just how wonderful time soaking up some heat and steam can be.

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