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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS The technique of freezing fat cells and its advantages

The technique of freezing fat cells and its advantages

By: freezefataway | Apr 26 2013 | 424 words | 1873 hits

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a technology used to remove fat from certain areas of the body through a non-invasive technique. This process is mainly used on areas where traditional methods of fat reduction like diet and exercise did not yield a result. This procedure offers impressive results in the problematic areas. Fat freezing is mainly helpful in reduction of fat in areas like the abdomen, back and love handles or flanks. The procedure of freezing fat cells is carried out using an advance3d technology called Cryolipolysis. In this process the targeted tissues are cooled to break down the fat cells. This results in easy removal of the fat cells. The process of freezing fat cells is effective only on the targeted tissues and does not affect the other tissues surrounding those targeted cells. The logic behind the phenomenon is that fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than the other tissue surrounding them. So, this technique helps to start a fat removal process that carries on for many months after the procedure is carried out on the individual.

Advantages of the freeze fat process

The freeze fat procedure has several advantages apart from the fact that it helps in the reduction of unwanted fat from the human body. The main advantages of the freezing fat cells procedure are:

·         No downtime needed in the procedure

·         No need of anesthesia to be applied in the freeze fat process

·         This advanced technique involves no pain

·         No surgery is required to carry out the process of freezing fat cells

Results of the freeze fat process

The results of the freeze fat process can be seen after a couple of months of the treatment. Generally the results can be expected between 2 to 4 months after the procedure and the fat reduction continues till six months after the process is carried out. Though the results are not seen as immediately as visible after the procedures of liposuction, the advantages of this process makes it a popular choice among the patients. The main advantages of avoiding pain and having no lengthy recovery periods have resulted in the process gaining better response from the patients.  People who undergo the freeze fat technique have no problem in carrying out with their daily activities and in a few months they start to have a slimmer and beautiful body, devoid of any unwanted fat. Moreover the procedure is risk free. Though there may be a few minor side effects like redness or bruising of the affected area, but those are not anything to worry about.  


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