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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS USP Natural Progesterone - Exactly What Is It And What Does It Do?

USP Natural Progesterone - Exactly What Is It And What Does It Do?

By: Olinda Rola | Apr 10 2006 | 588 words | 1101 hits

USP natural progesterone refers to the progesterone substance that is exactly the same hormone that is made by the human body. USP natural progesterone is not the same as the 'progestins' that are synthetic versions of progesterone sold by the pharmaceutical companies.

For example, progestins are associated with birth defects while progesterone is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Since progesterone is a natural hormone, the body is able to produce it, use it and get rid of it as needed. Progestins, on the other hand, are not processed very well by the body and often create undesirable side effects.

The term 'USP' refers to the grade or purity of the product and is the shortened form of the term 'United States Pharmacopia'. There are three different grades of raw materials used in products - 'USP pharmaceutical grade', 'food grade' for human consumption and 'feed grade' that is for animal consumption.

The difference between grades is one of quality and purity, and a substance that is labeled USP pharmaceutical grade will be of the highest quality and purity. The USP natural progesterone used for hormone replacement comes from plant fats and oils, most often a substance called 'diosgenin', which is extracted from a very specific type of wild yam that grows in Mexico.

Harvard-trained physician Dr. John R. Lee has written extensively about the vital role progesterone plays in human health in his book What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause. According to Dr. Lee, the most convenient and effective form of USP natural progesterone to use is natural progesterone cream that can be absorbed through the skin. Natural progesterone cream should contain 2-3% USP natural progesterone by volume or 450-500mg per ounce of cream.

Natural progesterone replacement therapy should be done in the manner that re-creates what your body would produce were it ovulating, both in the timing and amount of natural progesterone used. You want to 'time' the usage to be the same as it would be in your regular monthly menstrual cycle.

How much USP natural progesterone should you use? Most natural progesterone supplement packaging gives specific usage instructions, but using 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks a month will simulate normal progesterone presence in the body. This means that about 1/4 teaspoon daily would provide about 20 mg/day. However, Dr. Lee recommends that women not use higher than the recommended dosage to avoid hormone imbalances. More is not better when it comes to hormone balance.

When do you use it? For premenopausal women, Dr. Lee recommends about 15-24 mg per day for 14 days before expected menses, stopping the day or so before your period begins. For postmenopausal women, Dr. Lee suggests the dose that often works well is 15 mg per day for 25 days of each calendar month.

Where do you apply USP natural progesterone cream? Natural progesterone cream is easily absorbed through the skin. From the fat layer just under the skin, progesterone is absorbed into capillary blood. Absorption is best at the skin sites where humans blush such as the face, neck, chest, breasts, inner arms and palms of the hands.

Learn as much as you can about the crucial role that natural progesterone plays in health and the problems related to progesterone deficiency. Understand the reasons for considering natural hormone replacement therapy instead of using synthetic hormones. With concerns about the unpleasant and dangerous side effects associated with synthetic hormones, more and more women are looking to natural progesterone and estrogen supplementation and physician-recommended natural treatments for dealing with hormone imbalance.

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Find reliable sources of natural USP progesterone cream at and read more about USP natural progesterone. Olinda Rola is President of InfoSearch Publishing and webmaster of - a website of natural health articles and information.
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