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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS Using for your Overall Health

Using for your Overall Health

By: Douglas Alp | Dec 23 2006 | 535 words | 2432 hits

Sometimes it amazes me to see all the new television commercials on products and programs on improving ones health and well being. There is one strong hold on low impact exercise that not only improves your physical state but also improves your mind. Yoga is the one exercise program that can do all this an more. When one is practicing yoga regularly they begin to sense an improved feeling of well being and postive energy.

The practice of yoga consists of stretches, movements and poses which provides stimulation to many of the joints, ligaments and tendons, some of which are rarely used for any extended period of time. Once the body gets used to this stretching one will begin to see and feel the benefits of increased flexibility to your entire body.

Yoga is also a great way to tone your body. Through the stretching of the muscles, moving in a slow precise manner and holding the body in certain positions one will experience the benefits of a more toned and firmer body.

Yoga provides stimulation to all parts of the body including the prostate which rarely gets external stimulation. Yoga has been shown to massage the prostate gland for better prostate health.

The gentle stretching of your ligaments and joints when doing yoga maximizes blood circulation in your body enabling your body to eliminate toxins, provide nutrients to your body and in turn slows aging.

Yoga is an excellent exercise which aids with all aspects of your life both mentally and physically. Yoga has been used to improve sleep, eliminate pains, improve energy, range of motion and also has many psychological benefits.

Yoga builds strength in your spine, increases your endurance and lowers your stress producing hormones which cause pre-mature aging. Yoga also reduces the acidic conditions within your body which allows the body to absorb more oxygen. Some of the psychological benefits of yoga are an improved nervous system, better concentration, a decreased feeling of depression and anxiety, and a better mood.

If you get your exercise from practicing yoga on a regular basis your body will become a temple of positive energy creating a healthy state within, which will help you look and feel better. The continuous stretching, proper breathing and focused concentration will create a continual rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit. You will physically experiences an improved posture through a more erect back and elongated fully stretched hamstring muscles which will give you an more confident an powerful appearance.

Yes it is true that people are living longer today but the real question is what is their quality of life? If you have the option to start now and exercise your body using a low impact stretching and toning exercise, enabling your body and mind to get into a place of optimal health and well being or to have to rely on doctors to poke and prod at you and prescribe medication after medication, what would your choice be?

As the entire planet looks to find better ways of living and to improve their health and well being, yoga will grow in popularity as an exercise program able to deliver the increased well being within your body, enabling all to find better health and improve their quality of life.

About author:
The author is in pursuit of a life that works on all levels. You can visit his site to find other great resources on health, yoga, meditation, spiritual growth and other ways to improve your life.
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