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Visitors Medical Insurance

By: Sam Loyal | Dec 8 2008 | 549 words | 957 hits

International Medical Insurance

Travel can be a wonderful experience, provided you aren't unfortunate enough to become ill or suffer an accident that is. If you travel outside your own country, and do not have adequate visitor's medical insurance, it could turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes in your life. Not only could it end up costing as much as a condo, it may even put your health and wellbeing into serious jeopardy. Today, visitors insurance has never been so easy to find, or affordable. So why take the risk?

What's covered?

Policies can cover a range of types of treatment. Primarily, your concern should be whether consultations, urgent care or emergency treatment is included. Consultations refer to visiting a medical practitioner, usually, at a medical centre. Urgent care involves more serious conditions, like a fever, a bad cut or even a fracture.

Anything which needs medical attention quickly.  Emergency treatment means any medical condition considered life threatening or any illness which could cause permanent physical damage, if treatment was delayed. As would be the case with a heart attack, stroke or any serious accident.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Most insurance companies will not cover any medical expenses incurred, for any pre-existing medical conditions. This means, any illness or condition you are currently receiving medical treatment at home for. This would include pregnancy, angina, high blood pressure, even AIDS. It is important to be honest with the insurance company before taking out any policy.

If you don't tell them about a condition, they will find out, in the event of any claim being made. You will only be getting yourself into hot water, and, you never know, your particular type of illness may not be excluded. Every insurance company will have different exclusions in place.  When it comes to providing them with the necessary information, honesty is definitely the best policy. Often, it's simply a matter of shopping around.

Who's Covered?

A medical examination is not normally required by most insurance companies. Just about anyone can get some kind of personal visitor's medical insurance. It is also possible to take out a policy for more than one person and some companies do offer 'family policies'. A perfect solution for couples with young children.

Usually only one passport number will be required. Don't worry that other members might not be covered, simply because the company only has one passport number. This is normal procedure for many companies. Usually, the only form of identification needed is a passport, although companies can vary.

Checking Your Policy

If you have made a mistake, the company does not have the correct details stated within the policy or you do not have the correct cover, you must contact them immediately. They can arrange for the necessary changes to be made.  If you choose to buy insurance online, a confirmation email is usually sent straight away. This will include all the important details.

Check it carefully, if there are any mistakes, now's the time to let the company know. If everything is in order, keep a copy safe, and a hardcopy is always a good backup to have. Your visitor's medical insurance card should be in the mail soon afterwards.  This will also have important details on it and should be kept in a safe place on your travels. It could turn out to be as essential as your passport.

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