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HEALTH HEALTH-&-FITNESS What leads to cyclic vomiting syndrome?

What leads to cyclic vomiting syndrome?

By: Austin Wilson | May 27 2013 | 395 words | 1982 hits

Cyclic vomiting syndrome that is abbreviated as CVS is a certain circumstance that leads a person to experience from chronic episodes of immense vomiting & this impact is suffered for specific hours, which can last for some days & these feelings are said to occur sans symptoms. Every episode of this feeling resembles similarity to the prior experiences i.e. they initiate during the similar time of the day & continue up to the same duration in the entire day with simultaneous levels of intensity.

Such syndrome are said to occur in the Caucasian kids among the age group of 5 years. But now, it is also noticed among the adults who are about 35 years of age. This mainly creates an impact on the girls as compared to boys; but in adults, it is seen more in the men than the women.

There are certain signals that are initiated in the brain which leads to such causes. This basically mainly happens due to the discrepancies that come along the superior levels of energy that are generated by the cells which lead for the abnormal functioning of the metabolism. These adversely affect some of the nerves that are designated as autonomic nerves which enhance the factors vomiting. A hormone that gets secreted by the hypothalamus (which is an important part of the brain) which is termed as corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) & this is found to be an aspect that causes vomiting.

• The feeling is occurred most of the times in every hour & this mostly occurs for less than a week.
• Pain in the abdomen.
• Fever.
• Drowsiness.
• Diarrhea or constipation.

• Hot weather conditions.
• Menstrual periods.
• Feeling to complete exhaustion or fatigue.
• Consumption of the foods which include chocolate or cheese.
• Constant consumption of food which leads to overeating prior to going to bed.

Certain prescribed medications that include anti-nausea medicinal devices, sedatives, some of the medications that lead to suppressing of the acids that are present in the abdomen, antidepressant drugs.

Physicians also suggest undertaking certain therapeutic treatments that are associated with the behavior. It has been observed that those people who undergo CVS may also suffer from depression or anxiety. Such measures may prove to be fruitful for the effective reduction of the symptoms. The changes when introduced in the lifestyle can be productive to enhance the control on such symptoms & helps to incorporate proper adequate of sleep.

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