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HEALTH MEDICINE Diabetes Testing Supply - What You Need To Know

Diabetes Testing Supply - What You Need To Know

By: Jane Scaplen | Apr 22 2007 | 502 words | 917 hits

There are many people who are inflicted with the diabetes disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure-all miracle drug for those that have to live with diabetes, but there are several things that can help a person keep his or her diabetes under control. These tools, also known as diabetes testing supplies, will help an individual monitor the progress of the diabetes and keep a watch on his or her glucose levels.

There are several important diabetes testing supplies that a person usually uses in order to help him or her get a handle on their diabetes. A few of them are the blood sugar monitors, testing strips, as well as lancets that are included with diabetes testing supply packages. The blood sugar monitors are not at all expensive, but the testing strips are very expensive compared to the blood sugar monitor. One can think about the price difference compared with the cost of razors and razor blades. Likewise, the blood sugar monitor is relatively inexpensive compared with the testing strips. However, testing strips for people with diabetes are a crucial part and tool in helping an individual keep up to date on his or her diabetes situation. In a normal month span, a person may go through as many as one hundred testing strips, depending on the type and severity of the diabetes. The testing strips are included in testing supplies because a person will normally use 2 or 3 testing strips per day. The checks are normally done in the morning, at noontime, and sometime in the evening.

One thing to know about diabetes testing strips is that they must be compatible with the blood glucose meter. Purchasing off-brand strips may not even be the best idea simply because they may give you a skewed reading of your glucose level, thereby skewing the results on the testing strip. If you are on Medicare, however, the testing strips should be provided free of charge at the prescription of the doctor. If you need more testing strips than what is normally provided, the doctor will usually write a letter to Medicare explaining the situation. The doctor is the official authority when it comes to dealing with Medicare.

However, if you use a lancet for diabetes testing alone, that is a whole other situation that must be considered. There are several different kinds of lancets- you can purchase one that is an automated lancet, as well as those that require you to puncture your finger yourself to check your blood glucose level.

For all of these supplies, the best thing to do would be to check with your doctor about how to go about getting these diabetes testing supplies. They may suggest ordering them direct through your health insurance provider or you may even be able to get them through a pharmacy, clinic, or hospital completely free of charge! Whatever the scenario, be careful and cautious about where you go to get your diabetes testing supplies, as not everywhere you go to check them out may be the same!

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