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HEALTH MEDICINE Everything You Ever Longed To Know About Head Lice

Everything You Ever Longed To Know About Head Lice

By: Jeff Foster | Jun 14 2007 | 532 words | 1343 hits

So you need to know about head lice?

Well first of all head lice can cause an intense amount of itching. Head lice can be totally irritating. In fact, head lice can be a total pain and one that you will wish you never experienced.

Head lice are thought to have been around for thousands of years. In fact, there are reports that seem to indicate mummies found in Egypt were found to have dried up head lice on their scalp. Okay, now back is disgusting!

Cats, dogs, and all other animals cannot contract had lice. I'm not exactly sure that's fair. Head lice only feast on the human head. Well, I guess that's okay since the poor dogs and cats have to put up with fleas.

African Americans have been found to be much less susceptible to head lice. Studies in pediatric dermatology found that infestations of head lice and other children is approximately 10% while in African-American children it is less than a half of 1%.

Women and girls seem to get head lice much more frequently than men and boys.

Once the nit is laid on the hair shaft it hatches in approximately 7 to 10 days. Then another seven to 10 days will pass before the nit becomes a fully grown adult. Lice lay their eggs close to the scalp so that they can get the body temperature necessary to incubate properly. If the nit is laid too far away from the scalp they will not survive.

When the nits are laid along the shaft of the hair and they stick to the hair follicles like a glob of glue. It is very difficult to actually get the nits off of the hair follicles. One reported home remedy includes using distilled white vinegar to loosen the nit from the shaft. The problem with using vinegar is that even though you might be rid of your going to smell for a while.

When head lice are born, they are almost clear in color but after enjoying a feast of human blood, they turn a brownish-red color. Gross!

Head lice are unable to fly or jump, in fact, all they can do is crawl. They can only exist for 24 hours one day are not attached to the human head.

If someone in your household has an infestation of head lice, besides treating that person's head, it is important to wash all linens and soft surfaces as well as to avoid sitting in common areas such as upholstered chairs and couches until 24 hours after the resolution the infestation.

If your child is less than two years old you should only use a home remedies such as using a special lice removal comb instead be stronger pesticide-based head lice treatments as these can be dangerous to your child's health.

Even though head lice have a short lifespan, they sure can cause a boatload of trouble during that time. If you are concerned that you might have to head lice then be sure to begin treatment immediately after verifying a diagnosis. Whether you choose to use over the counter remedies or a natural home remedy, just make sure that you get started so that you too can once again be free from the itch!

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For more important information on getting rid of head lice be sure to visit where you will find advice and tips on diagnosing head lice and removing those annoying critters.
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