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HEALTH MEDICINE Everything You Need To Know About Laser Skin Treatment For Acne Scars

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Skin Treatment For Acne Scars

By: Samantha Williams | Mar 5 2007 | 432 words | 1126 hits

Laser treatment is a very popular procedure that many use for removing skin defects as acne scars. The laser simply burns the skin very precisely to a specific depth. Afterwards, the skin heals itself being thus forced to regenerate. So far so good, laser skin treatment for acne scars really works. The hard part is that the post intervention period is critical to the success of the procedure. The problem is that this period can last up to one year.

One of the most popular laser types are the CO2(carbon dioxide) or the YAG (erbium). It has been successfully used for years in the laser skin treatment for acne scars. In order to chosse the right treatment method for your problem a specialist must be consulted, and he / she will decide if you are able to undergo the intervention, given the fact that it takes a very healthy body system to help you recover from a skin treatment with no marks left.

So after checking the medical file a doctor can usually decide if the patient can resist successfully during the intervention or not. Laser skin treatment for acne scars needs to be adapted to the type of scars you've got. In 2001 a classification for acne scars was made because it could be very useful in determining the right treatment. So the scars are classified in three branches: ice-pick, rolling and boxcar, depending of the scar aspect.

There are many people who have facial scars from acne or different injuries, and for them, laser therapy is the best option. Laser and IPL (intense pulse light) skin treatments for acne scars provide an efficient remedy against almost any type of scars. Both laser and IPL use an intense ray of light burning the affected area. The treated area will recover naturally, so the procedure practically forces the body to heal an injury.

The good part is that the recovered skin will look much more natural than the scar before; in many situations the success was 100%. The old scar was simply gone. This proves the efficiency of laser skin treatments for acne scars. Following the intervention the skin will be reddish and this persistent color will probably last for more than several weeks.

During the recovery interval, after a laser skin treatment for acne scars you must be cautious not to get exposed to sun light or other irritating factors. After the first several weeks when the injury is loosing its redness you will still need to be careful for some 10 to 12 months. The doctor may also suggest further therapy into the second year too.

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