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HEALTH MEDICINE Vitamin Tablets are beneficial for your body in many ways

Vitamin Tablets are beneficial for your body in many ways

By: Rohini | Jan 22 2013 | 505 words | 1143 hits

Though we all understand the consequences of ignoring the recommendation to have a balanced diet, we are simply not serious about it. The common excuse we are ready with is ‘who has the time to count and look for calories.' The result is we suffer from vitamin deficiency problems. Due to lack of proper nutrients to the body, certain medical conditions like anemia, muscle cramps, and even breathlessness start becoming more obvious. However, we can avoid facing these problems by compensating for the lack of nutrients in the body by taking vitamin tablets.

Taking pills with an adequate amount of vitamins in help in providing valuable nutrients for our bodies' daily need. This helps the body to work properly and as guided. In fact, it is the recommendation of the UK Health Department to give supplements containing vitamins A, C, and D to 6 month old babies. They also state further that it is necessary to continue with the same supplement until the age of five. Since kids can be very choosy at this age about what they eat, the intake of supplements helps them a lot.

The other reasons why vitamins are essential is that they help with the function of the body. This is because the body does not produce minerals on their own, so, it has to come from foods or supplements that can be swallowed. For regular routine function, the body needs 13 different types of vitamins. These vitamins dissolve in water or body fats and help in solving the damages caused to the organs by daily activities. Mostly, the supplements work in developing good eyesight, fighting night blindness, muscle growth and skin nourishment.

All vitamin tablets perform different tasks. If one is sweating or urinating a lot, the body throws out B2 vitamins, which are water-soluble. In order to make up the loss, it must be compensated with fat-soluble vitamins that stay in the fat for a longer time. However, extra dosage needs to be taken with doctor's advice because the excess deposit in the fat may turn hostile and cause unforeseen repercussions.

Vitamins are necessary for the body to deal with regular activities. They help in providing the required energy to the body and handle certain deficiencies. It also helps in enhancing the metabolic system that is vital for good health and maintaining proper weight. With more health issues cropping up frequently, people are rushing to pharmacies to pick supplements that can be dispensed without a doctor's prescription. There are many online pharmacies providing services such as dispensing and delivering vitamin tablets at home; with and without prescription.

However, it is beneficial to get vitamins from food first. If your body requires more nutrients than can be derived from food because of the activities you engage in daily, then only you should go for supplements. There are hundreds of manufacturers producing all types of pills infused with vitamins both naturally and chemically. You must consult a nutritionist or your GP to find out if intake of vitamin tablets is right for your daily needs.



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