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HEALTH MEDICINE What Everyone Needs to Know about Alcohol Treatment Facilities

What Everyone Needs to Know about Alcohol Treatment Facilities

By: burnsjohn | Jan 30 2014 | 522 words | 4407 hits

When it comes to seeking help with alcoholism or other substance abuse problems, finding good alcohol treatment facilities and programs is a crucial step towards recovery. Here are three things that people may not be aware of when it comes to choosing the right facility.

1. Inpatient or Outpatient treatment

There are two main types of treatment that people can seek depending on the situation that they are in: inpatient and outpatient. Some treatment centers specialize in in patient treatment only and can take the form of ranches or retreats, where people can go to work on their addictions away from the temptations that surround them. Most last between 30-90 days but some can be longer depending on the type of program. Outpatient programs are generally found in the communities that they support and can be run out of clinic or hospitals. Many people who choose to do outpatient treatment are either considered lower risk of self-harm or are unable to leave the community for extended periods of time. Inpatient may not work for everyone and one of the bonuses to out patient treatment is that it tends to be longer term in nature, supporting recovery for longer.

2. Tailored approach

There are faith-based treatment centers; others embrace holistic treatment including acupuncture and meditation. Others are specifically for younger people or people from specific backgrounds. With so many options for alcohol treatment facilities, it is important to find the one that will meet the needs of the person in recovery. While some facilities adopt the Matrix Intensive Outpatient model, which includes psychotherapy, family education, medication, and social support, not all do and it is important to investigate what their program entails and what their success rate is. One thing that all treatment programs should have in common is that they should be licensed and run by mental health specialists and addiction specialists.

3. Alcohol treatment facilities cannot cure alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease like any other. What treatment facilities offer is coaching, support, and the opportunity to take your life back in your own hands. Seeking treatment is only the first step towards recovery, the rest is about the person recovering from being able to avoid relapsing. To do that takes willpower, family or community support, a social net like a twelve-step program, and goals to work for.

Professional Help is Key

Alcohol treatment facilities offer people struggling with an alcohol dependency a better chance of recovery than going sober alone. But just as each person is different, so to is each facility. When looking at entering into treatment, see what options are available and find the best one. For many people outpatient treatment works well because they get the support while still being in their community and are generally a lower cost option than inpatient.

Make sure that the alcohol treatment facilities you consider are licensed and certified. Just as the addiction itself wasn't created overnight, neither will the recovery. Every person recovers at their own rate; some take months, others struggle for years. The important thing is to never give up and if relapses do occur, to seek treatment and get back on the wagon as soon as possible.

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Treatment Is Not Recovery is the right solution for those looking for alcohol treatment facilities ( ) that can help them come out of the ill effects of addiction. For more information on drug abuse Vs drug use, you may also visit Wiki.answers.
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