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HEALTH MEDICINE What To Know About Laser Acne Scar Treatment Costs?

What To Know About Laser Acne Scar Treatment Costs?

By: Samantha Williams | Mar 19 2007 | 387 words | 1063 hits

Laser therapy has become one of the most effective ways to fight against acne scars over the past decade. More and more people choose this option to get rid of acne scars. However the big issue that appears is the laser acne scar treatment cost. How much money is such a medical intervention and who can afford it? How much money is such a medical intervention and who can afford it? The cost entirely depends on how severe your acne scars are and on the part of the body that has suffered the greatest damage.

Another factor that influences the laser acne scar treatment cost is the clinic and the type of service they provide for such dermatological problems. Laser treatment is recommended according to the type of acne scars you've got, and it is only for a specialist to decide which kind of intervention best suits you. Some of the most widely treated acne scars are the Ice-pick type and the Boxcar type. The former makes the skin look as if it were punctured with an ice-pick. Unfortunately these are the most difficult and the most expensive to treat.

The ice-pick acne scars are usually very narrow on the skin surface, but go deep in the derma. For such a case normal laser resurfacing is not effective. A more in-depth intervention is required, and the laser acne scar treatment cost will obviously be higher. However, you will be given an estimation of the costs, once you go to your doctor for a consultation. The boxcar type of acne scars are round or oval small depressions with vertical edges. These too require special attention, as normal laser therapy doesn't work for them either.

Consequently, the laser acne scar treatment cost is proportional with the complexity of the medical procedure you need to undergo. For instance, one highly effective laser treatment is the one that uses the Smoothbeam for atrophic acne scars. This type of laser beam targets the second layer of skin and makes a small, superficial injury in the scar area, that determines the body to react and initiate the formation of new collagen that will fill the scar or lift the indented area. Results are remarkable, and though the cost of this acne scar treatment is a bit higher, it is worth every penny, as the results are incredible.

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