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HEALTH SLEEP The importance of sleep in human life

The importance of sleep in human life

By: Carson Martin | Aug 1 2013 | 439 words | 456 hits

Half of our life we spend sleeping and we really don't worry to even think on it. We hardly think what actually happens with our body. Sleep is nothing but the way to relax our body, during which we are consolated from tension and the consciousness of world is suspended. It is a natural procedure and arises after specific interval by default. In sleep we have reduced movement of the skeletal muscles and slowed-down metabolism.

Good sleep is essential since it gives good health, emotional and mental functioning and safety. So from our daily busy schedule we must find out time and give rest to our working brain. Brain also needs rest it starts to give up after long working hours. People who don't gain proper sleep and feel it as waste of time; most of them get on with chronic insomnia. They are more probable than others to develop several kinds of health and psychiatric problems.

The amount of sleep each person needs determine on many factors, including age. If we feel fresh throughout the day means we got enough sleep. Scientifically small babies require around 15-16 hours sleep. The young people sleep for 8-9 hours and the adults require 7-8 hours sleep. However it's much reliable on that particular individual's body requirement also.

Factors Affecting Sleep at Night:

Environment: A disturbing sleep environment such as a room that's too hot or cold, too brightly lit or too noisy can be a barricade to sound sleep. And intrusions from children or other family members can also disturb sleep. Other effects to pay attention to are the comfort and size of your bed and the habits of your sleep partner. If you have to lie alongside someone who has different sleep preferences, can't fall or stay asleep, snores, or has other sleep difficulties, it frequently becomes your problem too. So, be certain that there are no such disturbances.

Illness: A number of physical problems can interfere with your capability to fall or stay asleep. The backache, stomachache can cause problems so consult doctor for medicines in such case.

Mental Condition: If we have tension in our mind before going to bed it will cause obstacle in sleep. So forget your burden by watching light comedy movie or some books. This will help to diminish tension.

Risk associated

Sleep deprivation can be harmful. Not getting enough sleep makes lose feel irritable, and to get angry while driving. Most of the accidents that happen across globe are due to improper sleep. Feeling sleepy during the daytime diminishes the efficiency at work. Studies show that lack of sleep leads to problems concentrating, completing a task, unsafe actions, and making decisions.


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